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Snapshots from Sligo

I should have finished all my posts about Ireland by now. I prefer my posts to be chronological, but I can’t get Ireland out of my head.  It’s as if, when the writing is all done, I am afraid that I will be done with Ireland, and I’m not. I doubt I ever will be. I’ll be heading back there at every opportunity that presents itself.

In the meantime, here is, more or less, a photo essay from Co Sligo, which is the place I most want to go back to, the place where I felt utterly at home… least in the Fall weather. If I’m totally honest, not sure I could hack winters there after living in the Canaries’ climate for so long, but I’m putting it high on my list of places I may want to settle down again – one day.

The Beach at Strandhill

The Beach at Strandhill

These are some of the memories imprinted on my mind and heart, which didn’t fit into previous posts:

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