Exploring the Stories of the Islands and the Freedoms of Third Age


La Gomera : Two Months In

Hermigua ValleyYesterday I fell down the rabbit hole. As I fell, I turned and twisted in slow motion, so that the world became unreal, and I wondered about White Rabbits and Mad Hatters at the end of my plunge. Of course, it was my over-active imagination, returning from the south of the island, leaving behind blue skies and sunshine, the final tunnel of the five which scythe through the mountains felt like the rabbit hole, but when I emerged it was to a changed world; it was to ghostly brume wandering the perpendicular landscape. Again I had the feeling that I’d arrived in an alternative universe.

Two months have gone by already. Whilst I am aware of the slower pace, the relaxed mindset, the tranquillity, it still seems impossible that I’ve been here for two months.


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Living a Quiet Island Life

My days have been very quiet of late, some gentle meanderings around the island: a visit to a couple of pretty parks in El Sauzal on the north coast.


Atlantic winds and heavy rain on the south coast always mean snow in the mountains. A drive through the caldera and down again through spring meadows of wildflowers in La Laguna, and a stop for cake on a lazy, seaside promenade in Punta Larga on the way home.



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Island Sunrises

Surfing the Web the other day ……. ok, I admit it, procrastinating about doing anything remotely useful …….. I came across a fabulous set of photos on some travel blog or other, showing sunsets all over the world.  Oh, they set my feet to itching and my mouth to salivating.  Then reality set in.  I just can’t travel at the moment.  I can’t take off and see all these wonderful sights first hand :=(    I wanted to cry.  My feet felt like lead.  My heart hit the floor.  I cursed myself for allowing this to happen.  I raged against an unfair fate. THEN……..I remembered photos I’d taken of sunrises and sunsets here………….. and I thought, as one friend recently pointed out to me, if you have to be grounded there ARE worse places!

So I thought I would share these scenes with you.  First the sunrises, sunsets to follow the next time I feel like this!

The emblematic Montaña Roja, snapped from the yukky Amarilla Golf a few years back.

La Playa de las Vistas, Los Cristianos.  You’d expect sunsets from here, because I am facing west, but sometimes the sunrise is reflected around the horizon of the island.

I know this is not a great photo.  I knew the colors would change and the moment would be lost, so I snapped before I was in the position I would have liked to have been in.  The colors are exactly as they were.  Simply, stunning. Montaña Roja again.

La Tejita is the favorite beach of many of us who prefer to be away from crowds.  Me, I like it even better at sunrise when there is hardly another soul around.

El Cabezo Playa.  Almost on my doorstep.  This snapped two minutes from where I am living.

A sight I was well accumstomed to a couple of years back.  The sun rising over Montaña Guaza, and bathing the harbor of Los Cristianos in early morning light.

Apart from guarding La Tejita, Montaña Roja is the last thing which registers on leaving the island, and sighting it again symbolizes one’s return, and at sunrise witnesses the hope of a new day.

At the time I caught this sunrise, some years ago, I was stuck in a bad place, but on the cusp of change for a much better time in life.  My morning walk, these sunrises kept me going during the rest of horrible days!

Sometimes there isn’t a riot of color, just a slow rising of brilliance from the grey dawn.  Playa El Cabezo.

El Cabazo again, on a more colorful morning.

Montaña Roja/La Tejita again.  The sun rises from a slightly different perspective, depending on the time of year.

Trixy enjoying our early morning romp on La Tejita  :=)

Yep – worse places to be stuck, I guess!