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Where I am and Why: January 2012: El Médano, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Austin,  elder son, is off on his travels again. Having qualifications which are travel-friendly helps. He’s a boat skipper, an assistant dive instructor and has a ton of certificates and experience with the Spanish Red Cross for water rescue and as a medical technician, so his travels have been on or connected to water, and I’m proud to say he’s just begun his own blog to keep track of his adventures, The Wet Stuff. Austin and Guy have both been to places I’ve only dreamed of – so far! I wonder if wanderlust is inherited?

Austin has stayed with me for a couple of months whilst putting out his cv, and working as a lifeguard here on the local beaches, so right now everything’s looking a lot tidier than it has for weeks, as his almost-ready bag is packed to go, and a mini-change happens in my life again.

Austin training on the rescue jetski

Austin training on the rescue jetski

Time to firm up my plans, methinks…….not to mention firm up other stuff too!

After a year of being an “expat,” back in 1988,  I did a mental check. Did the life suit me? Was I where I wanted to be? Was I (at that time) in the best place for my kids to grow up? Was there a better alternative?  It became a habit at the beginning of each, promising new year. Rarely was every box on my list ticked, but there was always a majority for maintaining my base here in Tenerife, even in the years when I wasn’t, literally, living here.

This year I don’t need the assessment because I know I’m going to explore other islands in a few months, – however, my proposed January departure  is delayed to late June (for financial reasons and because of commitments made),  out of habit I made a mental list of whether it’s better to spend the next 6 months here or, perhaps,  elsewhere on the island, because change is good – but it is also expensive – at least it is in terms of house moving for no really good reason.

It wasn’t hard. I opted to stay in El Médano for the next six months, but I questioned myself harder than usual, because my feet are more-than-usually itchy.

If I lived anywhere else would I have had a surf lesson for my 66th birthday present?

If I lived anywhere else would I have had a surf lesson for my 66th birthday present?

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