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A Ton of Questions About Computers

Can someone, some fellow blogger or some technical friend advise me on something, please?

My poor computer is finding it really hard going these days, now that it’s in use every day, and is having to store lots more files, especially photos.  It’s getting to be so slow that I’ve been seriously tempted to throw it across the room at times (as in at least once a day), and last week it was recalcitrant enough to show me a blue screen.  I’ve been told that’s a sign that it’s in its death throws?

So my question is this – what to buy next?  I need to have Plan A, in place and ready to go, because of course I can’t live without a computer now any more than I could live without chocolate or Chardonnay, well, actually, it would be far easier to give up either of those!  The plan was to get a desktop and a netbook.  This laptop is on the heavy side for travelling and my back ain’t what it used to be, so hence the netbook, and a nice, sturdy desktop for every day use.

Now, however, things are changing.  Within a year or so now,  I should be able to travel a lot more, so is there any point in buying a desktop?  My stuff may go into storage, so it wouldn’t be like I would just let myself in a begin to use it on my return, not to mention that, even if it isn’t in storage, the ADSL will have been cancelled for the duration.

I’m pretty sure I need to go with a notebook for travelling, but how about a good, reliable laptop?  Is there such a thing?  How much more expensive than a desktop would it be?  I want a Spanish keyboard, but Windows in English, so do I buy here or in UK or US?  Where are they cheaper?  What about service?  Truly, I’ve never had a lot of problems, either my computers have worked or they have died, not much in between.  Over the years family and friends have recommended Dell, but of late I’ve been hearing bad stuff.  And the big question is to Mac or not to Mac?  How irritating would a changeover be to someone who’s always used a PC?  Are they really that much better for photos?

Wow!  I know that’s a lot of questions, but any advice will be fully digested, considered and appreciated.