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Both Ends of My Street: Reflections through a Rheumy Haze, and a Couple of Nice Photos

I get stir crazy if I have to stay indoors too long. I’m guessing most folk who love to travel are like that. Being outdoors, even in the city is as essential as the air I breathe. For this reason I am in a thoroughly bad mood, especially since this lousy cold has kind of diminished the pleasures of my UK trip. Not that it can spoil the memories, but that sense of rejuvenation which usually follows the initial period of adjusting to being static again? Ain’t happening. Instead I am sitting here, muttering to myself, and coughing up my insides.

Like a prisoner allowed out into the exercise yard for a few moments to feel the blessed sun on their face for a few minutes per day, I walk Trixy, have an internal dialogue with the ocean, the mountains, the skies.  These times are dreamlike. I’m not sure if they are really happening. Even the sounds are muffled, unreal. I don’t vary the walk much. The constant east coast breeze and the dust it whips up make me cough even more.

At the beginning of our walk this is how the landscape looks. I was trying to capture the rainbow in this shot, but it faded too fast.


On an evening walk, returning “around the block,”  I shot this impressive sunset the week before.

sunset 021

Compare this with how I might be coping with this cold in a damper climate? Central heating sucking the humidity out of the air? Walking Trix in a grey drizzle? …………..Yeah, life’s a bitch in the sub-tropics! and I am thoroughly spoiled! Normal service will be resumed when I am germ free!