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I’m a guest writer at the SpainScoop   contributing stories like this one  about the Canary Islands and occasionally other parts of Spain.  I also contributed to the blog of  tour operator as a guest blogger with tidbits like this one.


I was interviewed by Craig and Caz of very successful YTravel Blog for their “Things to do in………” City Series. It gave me a lot of pleasure to answer their questions, because so few people appreciate that Tenerife has city life as well as beaches When I was in Ireland in 2013 I met the lovely Alison from Chino House. She has the most amazing personality and a great blog! A few months later she asked me to do an interview for her blog – I was honored! – this is it.

Posts for Other Blogs

“My Island in the Sun”  ….. the way I see Tenerife, the island away from the tourist resorts,  for the prestigious Beers & Beans   “The Secret Road to Cheese” …….I love that title! To be honest that part was my friend, Katrina’s idea, the rest was mine. It’s a twist on a story I’d written about here….Katrina’s blog, TourAbsurd puts the emphasis, as she says, “traveling with a light heart,” so that’s the side of this wee adventure I tried to see. The Mysterious Outer Banks of NC  …… for The Quirky Traveller  My other favorite islands, hugging the coast of North Carolina, full of history, legends and tall stories – definitely quirky :=) The Downside of Island Dwelling   for Boomer Women Travelers  Life is always a trade off, and I explain why I’m glad my kids went off to find life in the big, wide world.


14 thoughts on “Contacts & Media

  1. Hi Linda, I don’t do social media so thought I’d try for an answer this way to a question I have. I am now retired and am looking for a warm but not stifling place with beaches and tourists. My question is this : Is it illegal to metal detect on the beach or in the water in the Canaries at the public beaches? I don’t want to be arrested or have my machines confiscated. Thanks for any info you can provide. I live in Minnesota and don’t want to see another snowflake for the rest of my life……….Bradley Widseth

    • LOL Bradley. Never been to Minnesota, but heard a lot about it! Short answer is I don’t know, but I will make some enquiries and get back to you.

    • Hi again, Bradley. I consulted a friend, who directed me to this Sorry. Doesn’t look hopeful. At best looks complicated and at worst illegal. I have to say that the Canarias are a law unto themselves in many respects, but anything concerning beaches and coastline is, actually, a central government area, so almost certainly this applies throughout the country.

  2. Linda,

    Thanks so much for your blog. I LOVE the Canary Islands. I lived in Tenerife, La Palma and Gran Canaria from age 19 to 21. I was there as a missionary for my church. I would love to move back there in retirement, in about 13 years. In the event that I want to get a part-time job of some sort, what sort of paperwork would be required? I’m a US citizen. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Again, thanks for the blog and pics. THEY’RE WONDERFUL!

    • Hi Brian. Thanks for reading. My experiences of living & working here would be quite different to yours as I am from an EU country. I would recommend or for information for Americans. The Spain Scoop is especially useful, as it covers a huge range of information, whereas the other is a personal blog, but with stories about paperwork etc which the blogger experienced. All that said, things may well change within 13 years, so keep an eye out for updates! Lots of luck with your dreams 🙂

  3. Hi linda,

    I read your story on-line and I’m itching to take the great leap but don’t know anybody there and was wondering if you could help me with contacts, the first of which is a real estate lawyer, your ex was in the business so i’m guess this is easy enough, right?

    I need to get the appropriate information on specific properties. Have you had any “construction” work done? If so was it relatively painless? Ideally i would love to buy some property and then build something. I’m a little worried about government permits and the like being overly restrictive. Any information much appreciated.


    • Hello Marco. Wishing you luck with your move! There is only one estate agent that I have any personal experience with and whom I could recommend and that is Keep in mind that it is many years since I worked in estate agency, but sadly there are still a lot of opportunists around. I haven’t owned property in over ten years now so any information I had about lawyers or workmen is totally out of date. However, there is an excellent website with Tenerife information of all sorts which might help you and that’s Janet has a wealth of information on her site about all kind of legalities and so forth, with which I am utterly out of touch these days. Hoping you find that helpful.

  4. Hi Linda,

    You may remember me, jonno, from the bookcrossing forum Chitchat of a few years ago. I’m still there, but I haven’t seen you there in ages. I’m glad I’ve found you here though. I have a blog too, now that I’ve retired. It’s the Olsen Road at I have fond memories of you from bookcrossing days and I like your blog. I hope you like mine. It’s on hiatus at the moment as I’m not travelling, but I hope to hit the road again within the next few months. Cheers, jonno

    • Hi John,
      How lovely to hear from you! Of course I remember you. I have, somewhere, printed out some advice you gave me when I started teaching ESL! I haven’t been doing that of late, but I really enjoyed it, and your advice got me off to a great start, thank you! I got to a point where I was selling or giving away so many books, when I was downsizing a few years back that it stressed me out trying to register them all & so I stopped bookcrossing, although I’ve luckily kept so many friendships formed back then. I am eternally grateful to BC for that …… and now here you are. I just had a quick look at your blog, but it’s almost bedtime, and I will read it more over the weekend. I just love those pictures of the Christmas market! What a gorgeous place you live in. When you said eastern France (for some reason I thought you lived in Paris), I immediately thought, “snow!” I remember skiing in eastern France years ago, but the place names escape me. I have been to Languedoc Roussillon a couple of times in the last few years, since friends moved there. Even seriously considered moving there, but the weather here just begs me to stay! I hope you are enjoying your retirement, and look forward to reading your blog. Thanks so much for contacting me!
      Best, Linda

  5. Esteemed Linda!
    What a great delight it is indeed to read your blogs……and you look and sound so genuine,so real, so oh…just GOOD))****
    if it is possible would truly appreciate your feedback – have a burning desire to celebrate my 50th BD on El Heirro island….it just looks incredibly pristine and exotic and “far away” from the maddening crowds…..and its environment policies are something else too…
    So please could you give me recommendations as to are there good places for swimming and snorkeling? How away is the ferry port from the south and north airports in tenerife?
    all the best to your son – awesome pics of his marathon right on el heirro….did he make it?
    your answer would be greatly appreciated,
    with best

    • Hi, Aliona. El Hierro definately is a gem, a one-off, and different and yet the same as other Canary Islands. It seemed to be delightfully unspoiled, and the people so welcoming! I was only there for a few days, so I don’t know it nearly as well as other Canary Islands…..I’ve been hoping to get back before now, but haven’t made it yet. We stayed in the parador, which was excellent, and the food very good too, but, like most of Spain’s paradors, it leaned to the “formal” side. Friends stayed in La Restinga, which takes much longer to get to, but which I loved, and that’s certainly where I will look to base myself when I get back there. The ferry goes from Los Cristianos, which is only 20 minutes from the south airport, and something over an hour from the north. There is a small airport there in El Hierro though. Inter island flights go from Tenerife north. So far as swimming and snorkeling go I can’t be precise, but am sure that there are places! My personal feeling about swimming in the Canary Island other than on the tourist beaches is that you need to be a good swimmer. This is, of course, the Atlantic. El Hierro, however, is not “touristified” very much at all, although I suspect that just now, July/August, a lot of Canarians from other islands go to get away from the crowds! I don’t know how long you intend to stay, but if you have lots of time I’d suggest combining El Hierro and La Gomera, the second smallest of the 7 main islands, which is beautiful, and has quite different landscapes from El Hierro. Hope you make it and enjoy!

    • By happy coincidence, I just logged onto Twitter and found this. thought of you right away!

  6. Hi Linda, we will be in Santa Cruz on April 2/16 & would like to join a walking tour. Do you know of ant tours that operate on a Saturday? Thanks, Lynda

    • I do apologize for not replying in good time. I have been ill, and not blogging for some months now. I do hope that you found a walking tour and enjoyed your stay.

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