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To Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question



A year and three months since my last post. “Have I lost interest in blogging?”  The answer is no, or not exactly. The question has been, “What sort of blog do I want to be running?” That, plus some health issues which had me yoyo-ing between anger, frustration and lethargy, and family problems, have occupied me, and now it’s autumn, and the world is beginning to look a little different on several, different counts.

Autumn always makes me perk up. Perhaps it’s the back-to-school vibe (though goodness knows I hated school enough, so why would that be?); perhaps it’s the relative quiet which returns to this small, seaside town in which I am living; or perhaps because it usually heralds a trip to “foreign.” I’d like to be able to say that the dazzling hedonism of sunny days sapped my mojo, but that wouldn’t be true, not this year, nor last. Searing desert winds, calima, and more crowds than ever marked the last two summer seasons, and I muddled through it, cursing that I couldn’t honor my vow to never spend another summer here. A certain amount of sulking on that score took place.

If you’re bothering to read this, you deserve an explanation, but I’m not ready to go there yet, so let me just say that circumstances conspired to make me rethink a lot of “stuff,” and let’s get back to the subject of blogging.

This blog began as a kind of joint email to friends and family, and evolved. My self doubts, my misgivings and my angsting grew with it. Alter egos, one sitting on each shoulder, discussed tediously which way the blog should go. The one needed it to make money. It argued for advertising, to spend time learning about SEO and technical stuff (because, goodness knows, I had the time, didn’t I?), and to spend more precious time on social media (we happy band of procrastinators know where that road leads, don’t we?). Its doppelganger whispered noble thoughts about quality, and it all being about the writing, and hissed about selling out…..a subject always guaranteed to get to me. The thing is that, whilst I love to write, I suck at marketing for myself…..though I will happily sing the praises of others….if I believe in them.

“Go on blogging, just don’t accept trips or invitations to or for anywhere!” said one alter ego.

Well, the way my stats have fallen now that’s not an imminent possibility anyway, but truth is that the few I did accept or seek turned out, without exception, to be great experiences about which I could happily blog truthfully. Do I just have to trust and hope that folk will realize that I have standards? It’s an old chestnut, I know, and one which writers who have spent a lifetime in this game still struggle.

I know that I need to change the blog. I know, more or less, what I need/want to do, even. In fact, as I write the picture is becoming clearer. Perhaps this has been Catch 22, had I continued writing, then my brain might not have fogged up.

The months I spent in 2013 and 2014 traveling around the Canary archipelago were wonderful. I loved every minute up to the last, few weeks. Whilst it proved to me that it’s a good thing in my personal circumstances to have a base….or at least come to a stop for a while.

Yet with hindsight I now wonder if my discomfort in La Palma wasn’t some sort of warning from the universe that things were beginning to happen which I would handle better in a familiar environment. Fanciful notion? Maybe, but as time goes by I believe it more and more……though don’t worry, I am not going to go all “mystical.” It’s been “a rough ride,” but I need to get off the train.

Blog-wise changes are coming. Hopefully they will be for the better, though I am going to begin by going through all of those drafts to see if there are any worthy of posting still! The rest, like other baggage in my life, is getting cleared out…..again!

Right now, it just feels good to be hitting the keys once more.

Author: IslandMomma

Aging with passion; travelling with curiosity; exploring islandlife, and trying to keep fit and healthy.

20 thoughts on “To Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question

  1. Good to have you back island momma

  2. Glad you’re back and sorry you’ve had so much ‘stuff’ deal with. I’m a bit out of the loop, both with blogging and Facebook. Hope the new school year treats you well! My blog has been languishing for a couple of months now, mostly due to an excess of work and holidays and gardening. Now autumn has arrived, I also feel the back-to-school urge to do my homework again. I’m looking forward to seeing where you and your blog are headed.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Part of me wishes I’d just soldiered on but I needed to save my mental energy! I hope that you are now re-engerized too! I’m afraid the changes will come slowly, since I am definitely not clued up on the techie stuff, so I will be floundering about a bit! Lots of luck with yours!

  3. Time and tide wait for no man and all things change over time but I enjoyed your blog I can relate to much of it as I live in medano for roughly 5 months of the year in periods of around 6 weeks at a time and I’m staggered with the changes in the last 3/4 years
    Alas with the exchange rate and politics interfering I think there is going to be a big change in the number of Brits living here if I live long enough it be interesting what the future will bring
    I wish you well for the future and hope you keep blogging

    • Hello, Allan. I’m sure you must observe the changes more than I do in fact, because when you come and go they are more obvious. There have been changes for the better, new eateries, the Wednesday farmer’s market, but the changes I deplore are the way the local town hall seems to have designated the town as “party central.” In a way I get it, since the west coast is largely left to the tourists now. I find that going out early I see an entirely different town to the one I see mid-afternoon. That said, it’s mainly in summer, apart from NYE, which leaves a nice chunk of the year when I love it……..just need NOT to be here in summer again!

      I understand from accountant and lawyer friends that many Brits are, indeed, preparing to sell up and leave in the wake of Brexit. The Canarian government mutters about taking steps to leave the door open to “expats,” but as usual, haven’t yet come up with a viable plan!

      • I agree with you about the town hall my apartment is on the plaza overlooking the stage and September was horrendous with the noise levels till all hours of the morning Parking which has never been easy has become impossible over the summer and the summers are really becoming overcrowded everywhere
        However sitting on balcony today 8th October watching market slowly come to life is great
        It still has its own magic long May that last

  4. Hi Linda: Tried to leave a comment but the stupid comments didn’t recognize my email address, asked me to log in, then wouldn’t accept my password. Grrr. In any case, just wanted to say I can SO relte – going through the same gnashing of teeth and wailing myself at the moment. Glad you decided to give it another shot, as I really love your writing. Barbara

    Barbara Ann Weibel, Travel Writer/Photographer Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel Blog: Facebook Page: Google+: YouTube: Twitter: (@holeinthedonut) Skype: barbara.weibel

    • I must laugh, Barbara. It has actually taken much longer to get back into the habit than I thought, but I do think I am ready at last. Thank you so much for your kind words. Hope to see you in Tenerife one of these days! Hopefully, I am also getting back into traveling too, as my pension just came through 🙂 At least I am notified…still to receive it 🙂 Thank you so much for the encouragement. I really appreciate it.

  5. look forward to once more reading your blog. you write so well and honestly. I’m sure everyone else is happy that you’re at it once more!

    • LOL If nothing else, it’s something I enjoy, so here I go again! Thank you for your kind words, much as I love to write, I am a lousy commnicator other than on social media, and even then I am picky! Thank you so much for reading!

  6. Sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging. That’s OK. Be gentle with yourself. I’m terrible at marketing myself also. Be well.

    • It certainly does! And as you can see from the time lapsed between your comment and my reply…..still does! But thank you for the encouragement. Hopefully things are now on the turn.

  7. I rarely read any blogs anymore, but I must say I enjoyed reading this. I enjoy following you on FB and this, to me, was nicely written. You’re a really good writer–even if simply updating on why you’re not writing or that you might start up again. 🙂

    I look forward to seeing what changes might be coming to your blog. You got me thinking, btw–what the heck am I doing with mine? (Nada…lol). Take care and be well.

    • Hi, Lisa! Thank you for saying nice things 🙂 Definitely getting back into it, very soon, but much work to do, and no money to pay anyone so it’s going to be hard work and will take time….still, a challenge is a good thing, no? You definitely shouldn’t let yours slip, unless, of course, life is offering more interessting pursuits now!

  8. Hi Linda, came across your blog by accident. I’m in El Medano for a week and had a stroll up the beach earlier today. I chanced upon the WW2 bunkers and decided to Google Tenerife during WW2. Your site was the first one I found. I’m full of admiration for people who follow their dream. I’m in the category of those who come up with ideas for this, that and the other but do nothing. Hope everything works out for you. Good luck and thanks.

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Paddy. Apologies for taking so long to reply. I could say “same old, same old” stuff for a while, as Gaelyn said, sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging!

      Your comment is just the sort of thing which makes me want to begin anew! It´s so good to know that you found it useful and enjoyed it.

      Follow your dreams! You never know where they might lead until you do 🙂

  9. Hi Linda,
    I found your posting very helpful and informative. Nicely written. I am 30 and a single Mum to a baby girl. After spending my whole 20’s working in Dubai I am now back to the UK and trying to plan my next steps. I am searching for a nice country location to settle down with my daughter out of the traditional rat race. Tenerife is one of my considerations. Is there any advice you can offer with regards to finding work, apartment, child care etc?
    Your blog is fantastic and it seems you may be the Oracle on Tenerife that I am looking for. Your back story seems like where I am right now too. I would really appreciate a bit of your time to chat. My email is
    Many thanks

    • I am so, so sorry that I only just saw this. I think I wasn’t quite ready to return to blogging but I seem to be now. I am so glad that you have enjoyed what I wrote in the past. I will drop you a line privately. Whatever you have decided/done in the meantime I wish you the very best.

  10. Oh I’m so glad you’re still around! I was wondering what had happened to you, and if you were well.

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