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A New Base, a Trip and Ensuing Chaos!


………(see previous post) Beatriz turned the key and gut instinct kicked in almost immediately. The apartment was sunny at midday. I don’t do dark very well. It’s top floor (no noises from above – important when you are looking to stay somewhere for a while); there are places nearby for Trixy’s now frequent walks; it’s the right price; it’s a five-minute walk to the ocean; it has the required number of rooms, but no garage, which is a bit of a disappointment, but all else makes up for it. I can see the other downsides, although high enough it almost overlooks the swimming pool, and that will be full of kids all summer. Most apartment blocks in the south of Tenerife have pools, albeit not huge, but all in all the pros outweighed the cons, and I took it.

How many sunrises did Maria witness in her long sojourn on the shore?

A week later I was installed, and a couple of days after that I left for a road trip to Florida. Now I am back, trying hard (in spurts) not to wish I was back in the Florida Keys – colorful, lush, quirky, original.

However, the trip kind of put into perspective why I chose El Médano, despite the pull of La Gomera or even Ireland. It has that same kind of quirky, adventurous feel to it…..or at least, as close as I think I can get, given my need for eternal summer and which countries will actually allow me to spend more than a brief spell there. The town attracts sports enthusiasts, hippies, retirees, arty types in equal number, and whilst it also hangs on to its roots, I can get sushi or homemade gelato or the best pizza ever, as well as gofio and fresh fish and also a pretty darned good mojito. So here, I am – for the foreseeable future.

At sunset the colors of the island skies aren't confined to the west. As if the spectacle is just too intense to contain in one place, the hues bleed along the horizon. This, looking almost east, through junipers which frame the walkway to the beach. The windsurfer just happened to speed past as I clicked!

At sunset the colors of the island skies aren’t confined to the west. As if the spectacle is just too intense to contain in one place, the hues bleed along the horizon. This, looking almost east, through junipers which frame the walkway to the beach. The windsurfer just happened to speed past as I clicked!

Despite all my theories about setting up a base, it’s been slow work. There has been a lack of enthusiasm. Only a half of me wants to do this, and I need to focus more on the half of me which knows this is the right move for now. Fact is, everywhere and anywhere is a trade-off………perhaps that’s why those of us addicted to travel (however much or little we are able to indulge our cravings) keep on. Perhaps we are looking for the one place which isn’t a trade off, which has it all – our own version of that, because it isn’t the same for everyone. Meantime, if we concentrate on the negative, then that’s all the Universe will reward us with in return, negative vibes. Like everyone I need to seek out the positive.

So, here I go. Carpe Diem. The blog is resurrected. Stay tuned.

Author: IslandMomma

Aging with passion; travelling with curiosity; exploring islandlife, and trying to keep fit and healthy.

7 thoughts on “A New Base, a Trip and Ensuing Chaos!

  1. I need eternal summer too! But the difference between the Canary Islands and Florida, I think, is that in the Canary Islands it doesn’t rain enough, does it? Well I love rain, anyways. Enjoy your new home, Linda!

    • LOL took me a long, long time to admit that! Being raised in the damp north west of England, I thought it was “nesh” not to put a brave face on when I was cold or wet! Best of all is the combination of sufficient (but not TOO much) rain and sunshine! I love how it rains in Florida, in summer, because the sun simply comes out again and brightens everything up – and you KNOW that’s going to happen! Thanks! Am getting more positive by the hour 🙂

    • Ooops clicked too soon there – meant to say you enjoy your summer there too 🙂

  2. Ireland is wonderful as you know but you would not hack the weather for long. it green because of the rainfall! you are in post Florida blue is all. time is needed for you to settle and after all you know all the good eateries and shops. enjoy the new place.

  3. Yep. I know that. I pondered long and hard about it when I left Ireland almost 2 years ago now. It has a very firm grip on my heart for the landscapes, the food, the history and most of all the people. I wish the whole world was like the Irish! I don’t get post travel blues, btw. The Florida Keys (of all the places I have been at least) is where I want to be. I just need a lottery win!

  4. I’d like endless summer but see moving from northern to southern hemisphere to pull it off. Enjoy your nesting. Hope you’ll post some pics of your new pad.

    • That’s pretty much what I think too. Except given my passion for islands, winter in the Caribbean would work too! I’m kind of experimenting with colors right now…..trying to achieve the look I want on the budget I have. Also I have permission to decorate & all but can’t work up any enthusiasm! So if it’s ever finished I will post 🙂 I just took a friend to the airport & got the old feeling, seeing hold with bags – it’s almost like homesickness, isn’t it – or a mirror image of homesick!

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