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Springtime in Tenerife: Beyond Words


Someone (forget who) said to me recently, “Don’t you hate it when someone says, ‘There just aren’t words to describe something,’ and then proceeds to ramble on for page after page to try to do that which they just claimed to be impossible?”

With that foremost in my mind I will be brief, and let the photographs do the talking for me.  Truth is that I don’t have the time to conjure the words to tell you how utterly delightful this spring has been here, and I am still of the old-fashioned view that I want my blog to be a timeline, more or less in cronological order….so photos it is.

Poppies and mountains

I’ve lived in the Canary Islands for almost 26 years, but I have never, ever seen a profusion of spring flowers like this year. Without any professional confirmation (I’m sure someone will put me right!) the feeling is that after two years with precious little rain, seeds have lain in the ground, waiting for the winter rains which finally came this year, and the spring sunshine. Hence three years’ worth of flowers in one go, tumbling down mountain sides, scrambling along roadsides, peeking from rocks and walls, or swaying in the breeze,  some in abundant tangles of color, others gracefully alone……it’s been a spring to remember, and one to share.




spring blossoms











and another take on the previous one

and another take on the previous one

And a third take on that poppy

And a third take on that poppy


Had to include the dandelion ' cos it was lonely :)

Had to include the dandelion ‘ cos it was lonely 🙂

field of wildflowers









The thing neither photo nor words can convey is the perfume, stepping out of the car the scent from this orchard of orange trees filled the air with sweetness

The thing neither photo nor words can convey is the perfume, stepping out of the car the scent from this orchard of orange trees filled the air with sweetness


And the obligatory shot of a bee gathering pollen :)

And the obligatory shot of a bee gathering pollen 🙂

tangle of wildflowers






fields of wildflowers

ok this one's a cheat - not flowers, but it was so pretty it was a shame not to share it!

ok this one’s a cheat – not flowers, but it was so pretty it was a shame not to share it!




poppies and wildflowers

These photos were taken in Valle de Arriba, Santiago del Teide, Teno, Esperanza, Escalona and Vilaflor. And, finally a very bad, wee video:


Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

15 thoughts on “Springtime in Tenerife: Beyond Words

  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Linda 🙂

  2. Thanks, Marianne, but only recording what’s there. It really has been remarkable, and I think folk who live in damper climates might not understand my excitement over the abundance this spring 🙂 Did you ever go to Brock Bottom as a kid? I remember the first time I saw those carpets of bluebells. I took my breath away. That’s the way I’ve been feeling for a couple of weeks or so now!

  3. Fantastic images:)
    Linda, if you ever fancy contributing to our site, we would welcome it.:)

    • Thank you so much. I really appreciate the offer, but I have a ton of work at the moment, and I can’t take on anything else in the next few months. After which I will, almost certainly, not be living on Tenerife any longer. Lots of luck with your site.

  4. Absolutely lovely! I loved visiting Tenerife last May and got lots of nice flower photos, too. I’d love to come again someday to this land of “eternal spring.” Thanks for sharing…

    • Thank you kindly for both taking the time to read and to comment. It’s so nice to know that you enjoyed them! This spring has been so exceptional. Everyone is talking about it! Time your next visit for March/early April – Spring begins early here!

  5. Springtime here is as you know is daffs, tulips and lots of pretty colours that are so welcome especially after the l o n g winter. many of those flowers that mean spring to you mean summer to me. always sow Californian poppies to fill in gaps in my garden but picture of swathes of them make me love them even more! hints of your finally getting moving around are very exciting and looking forwards to the next instalment. Is Trix able to travel too? Those bluebells are still to come and also the way the cow parsley comes into the hedges when they are white with hawthorn blossom.

  6. Glad the poppies brought you a smile. They’re such cheerful flowers, aren’t they?

    I have to arrange my travels around Trixy or I can’t afford to travel. To have her in kennels is as expensive as rent for myself! Anyways, I can’t leave her now for very long periods, as I did in the past. She’s too old, and more a part of my life than she ever was.

    Thanks, as always, for commenting. I hope spring comes soon to the UK. Sounds as if it’s overdue this year.

  7. I love poppies, we don’t have them in Canada. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bluebell either, unless I’ve seen them and didn’t know what they were haha (very likely!).

    • I didn’t realize that. I’ve seen poppies in Scotland which is fairly far north, the red ones that is. I guess the California ones need it a bit milder! You should go to England in May for bluebells, they’re a member of the hyacinth family I think. I do miss them. They are gorgeous and just carpet the forest floor in some parts.

  8. I’ve followed your blog, it’s easier than hopping by only when I remember. 🙂

    • Thank you! and I will reciprocate. I’ve been frantically busy trying to keep several balls in the air for the past few weeks – hence so few posts – but I will make time to read more very soon! Thanks again!

  9. Mmmm! I can sense the smell and all 🙂 Lovely pics, thanks for sharing the views to such an amazing place.

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