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Earth Hour at my House



Candles in my kitchen area

Candles in my kitchen area tonight

It’s actually a while, now I come to think of it, that I’ve sat around in total candle light. It’s nice. It brings back nice memories too. Good things happened by candlelight. Smells good too. Most of the candles are cinnamon left over from Christmas. The smell of cinnamon brings back good memories too.

It feels amazingly good to be a part of this, even though I’m sitting here alone. I know friends are observing it, or have or will be observing it around the world, and more than that millions of strangers will be doing it too. We are connected as never before and it’s good to be connected for a good reason. At least for a good intention. Of course the need for observing earth hour is very sad.

Also sad is the apparent lack of interest in Tenerife, an area which desperately needs to be in touch with and maintain its relationship with the earth. Overwhelmingly for me, without that connection this island is nothing. What makes it special are its staggerlingly diverse and fiercely beautiful landscapes. Why would people want to abuse them? Why can’t they see the beauty and know that they are a part of it? Why do they assume that stewardship of the environment is not partly their responsibility? Do they assume it will just go on, renovating itself whatever we do to it? More thoughts next time.

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Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

6 thoughts on “Earth Hour at my House

  1. Yes, we sat around with our candles last night, too – and a bowl of home-made chickpea and chorizo soup to warm our tummies 🙂

    I love to think of us all being connected around the world, bringing us all closer, for a common cause.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head there, Marianne – turning off lights for an hour is clearly symbolic, it isn’t going to make any difference as such – but feeling that so many other folk do care is so important. I think it’s the collective love that will save us in the end.

  2. I am ashamed to say that I wasn’t aware of “Earth Hour.” Thank you for sharing! From your photos, Tenerife looks so beautiful. I sincerely hope that the landscape and environment get the attention they deserve.

  3. It still doesn’t get the publicity it deserves I think – if you Google Earth Hour you can get their updates and be a part of it next year. :=)

  4. A big part of travel for both Sweeney and me is the natural scenery. Each place you visit has something unique. Your pictures are great; you can’t observe such scenes without being thankful and also concerned for the future.

    The scene on the upper left reminds me of the Kauai beach in the final scene of the old movie Body Heat.

    • Much as I love cities, and I do, I need to spend more time in the countryside than not to keep my own balance straight. I so agree about everywhere being unique. It’s so odd how you can look at a picture you haven’t seen before, and have a good idea of where it is, without especially, knowing just how it’s different from somewhere else – you know how “that cottage could only be in Ireland” or “those cliffs could only be Hawaii.”

      I need to check out Body Heat on YouTube. I’m sure I saw it, but I don’t remember the scenery so much. That was William Hurt and Kathleen Turner, no? There are a lot of similarities between the Canaries and the Hawaiian Islands, both volcanic archipelagos.

      I was delighted to see your comment, btw – thanks so much!

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