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Living a Quiet Island Life


My days have been very quiet of late, some gentle meanderings around the island: a visit to a couple of pretty parks in El Sauzal on the north coast.


Atlantic winds and heavy rain on the south coast always mean snow in the mountains. A drive through the caldera and down again through spring meadows of wildflowers in La Laguna, and a stop for cake on a lazy, seaside promenade in Punta Larga on the way home.



An evening visit to a pretty inland village, Arico Nuevo, for their annual Bread Festival.


An antiques fair and a wine tasting, which turned out to include cheeses and honeys too at the Wine Museum in El Sauzal.



Some memorable early mornings, the clouds left behind by the storms, still hovering around and dramatizing our dawns and sunsets.


A visit to a small museum in Valle Guerra, and an early morning drive over northern hillsides which opened another new vista for me, which left me wondering just how much more of this tiny island I still have to discover.


Lazy lunches in pretty villages and in the very heart of grockeland, with friends old and new.


So, you see, my life is, really, quite full, if not exciting just now. Although there are times when a perfect meal or a stunning sunrise are exciting, adventures in discovery, what I am missing is a challenge.

Author: IslandMomma

Aging with passion; travelling with curiosity; exploring islandlife, and trying to keep fit and healthy.

3 thoughts on “Living a Quiet Island Life

  1. Nothing wrong with a bit of quiet reflective time. All relative, someone else would think, gosh she’s been busy. That’s if they didn’t know how busy and exciting some of your adventures have been LOL.
    I have to say that since Christmas my life has been taken up with matters medical and now coming out of all that we are also going through our own ‘quiet time’. when a lunch over in Kirkby Lonsdale seems and adventure instead of mundane! roll on Spring and recouperation of health and spirits!

  2. forgot to say Trixie is looking nice and healthy!

  3. I certainly wish you a full recouperation, Christine. Sorry to hear you haven’t been so good. Trixy is moulting like a good ‘un, so I guess her coat is extra pretty right now.

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