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After the Storm


IMG_20130305_070535Yesterday I left the house three times. Once I wore a waterproof  jacket, and the other times just heavy sweatshirts. Guess on which occasion it did not rain! C’est la vie!

So this morning I poked my head out of the window to sniff the air before I stepped out. The streets looked damp, but not wet, but there was still that smell of rain in the air (that exists, although perhaps if you live somewhere like England it’s possible to be so accustomed to it that you no longer notice), so I donned waterproof and beenie and we trotted forth.

An incandescent blue was beginning  at the end of my street as we turned left for Playa Cabezo, and in the couple of mintes it took to reach the Paseo Maritimo the clouds on the horizon had a distinct yellow edge, a happy sign that the storm was passed. We stolled slowly past the junipers which obscure the beach, Trixy doing that which a dog’s gotta do, and when we could see the horizon again it had adopted a much rosier hue. It was shaping up to be a glorious sunrise, and so we stood and watched, as the remnants of the dark storm clouds succombed to the sun’s greeting.


DSC_0027There is a point at sunrise where the colors fade, between the peak of their intensity (above) and the actual appearance of the sun, which is a whole other vista, and so at that point we turned for home, because there were chores to do, before my first class at 10.

IMG_20130305_070705After lunch I walked into town to do some chores, the wind is still coming from the “wrong” direction, and there are some sudden gusts from time to time, but even so there were folk on the beach, to my surprise. Judging by the color of their skins I would say all were tourists, desperate for the warmth on their skin before heading back to face the rest of winter further north.

Wind and kite surfers were out in force, making the most of it. The waves were being driven in an entirely opposite way to normal, so I imagine it was a new challenge for locals. The tops of the waves creamed back in the stiff breeze. For any of these guys who were on vacation I guess they didn’t mind the storm too much!

IMG_7806I ambled around to Playa Cabezo before coming home. Although the skies over the main beaches had been cloudy and white, over Cabezo blue ruled, intense, beautiful blue – and…..a glance up to the mountains, still shrouded in a grey blanket of cloud revealed glimpses of snow as the clouds shifted.


Sun warm on my back, the evocative sound of water filtering through the pebbles on the beach, here the ocean was calm for once, and I was desperate to get into the water, but, I have another class soon, so not this day. Tomorrow, hopefully……snow!


Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

14 thoughts on “After the Storm

  1. Glimpsed that snow yesterday – never seen it so low down the mountains! And from what I saw of Pablo´s film from the north yesterday, there is more snow on the south side as well!

  2. I’ve seen it like this but only a couple of times. Twice I remember snow in Granadilla pueblo, but it doesn’t linger very long, of course!

  3. Those are great photos- especially the sunrise. I’ve never seen a vibrantly colored sunrise- it’s on my bucket- and it’s not that I haven’t been up and facing east at the right time. Someday!

    • I do realize how lucky I am! I don’t take them for granted :=) You should come to Tenerife to “discover” them !!! …… I would be happy to be your guide :=)

  4. I feel as if I was right there with you! Love watching sunrises and sunsets — the colors are just so beautiful. Unfortunately, most mornings I don’t have my camera with me. Thanks for sharing these incredible views!

    • Thank you kindly. Not sure if I could even start my day without one now! Much as I love my dog, I don’t think I would be just as excited about our morning walks if not for the prospect of a gorgeous sunrise! I don’t always take my camera, and invariably it’s the days I don’t it’s most spectacular!

  5. Those wind and kite surfers look like they’re having a blast. What a beautiful series of sky shots.

    • They clearly were, Leigh. I often stop to watch them. I have a couple of friends who windsurf and I try to spot them – but the other day the wind was so different to normal and so strong, and it looked really challenging!

      • LOL … take a look at this video: shot on the Monday. Those conditions don’t come together very often (wind cross-off from the right with proper ground swell). It’s been a couple of years in fact. But when they do it’s a lot of fun as Bartek’s video shows.

  6. Wow! Thanks for that Richard. It looks amazing. Were you out there?? I know Nikki wasn’t. Must make sure Austin sees this!

    • Yep, I was out Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Best day was the Monday (as in the video). We only get waves like that in the South Bay once in a blue moon. It was very crowded and competitive to get a wave – I just got a single good one in 45 minutes ! but that wave made it worth while 🙂 Just after that it rained so hard, and the wind was gusting so strong, that it felt like hail was hitting my face (quite painful actually).

      A bit different now though. Very quiet weather. No windsurfing since then, but plenty of biking up in the forests. The flowers are out and it’s beautiful up there.

  7. Hey, that was around the time I was there, because I sat and watched, and then went around to the post office, and that’s where I got caught in the rain. Maybe I have a photo of you? But it will be from afar, and the colors aren’t nearly so good as the video. I was coming down from Esperanza the other day, and there was an amazing field of wildflowers along side the road, near to the airport, like something from a movie, never seen the like in England – keep meaning to put up pix!

    • Yep that’s where we go biking … I was up there on Tuesday afternoon – a beautiful Spring day. We start from the bar Las Raices (recommended btw), in the woods about ten minutes up the Teide road from La Esperanza. There’s a beautiful road that connects to the TF1, up through Radazul Alto and Machado (probably spelt wrong). Much nicer than going all the way round to La Laguna. It definitely looks like Spring has sprung up there.

      ps I’ll give you a call next time we’re going and maybe you can have a walk with Nikki while I do a bike ride ?

      • Yeah. That sounds good to me. It’s an area I don’t know that well, but have always meant to mooch around more! Definitely not a Tuesday or Thursday at the moment, but other days are flexible.

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