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2012: Postcards to Myself


I used to have a cork board in my kitchen. It began each January naked and bare, and acquired its finery as the year wore on, photos, theater tickets, pamphlets, programs, press cuttings, badges and all the bits and pieces from events, celebrations, visits and journeys I’d made during the 12 months. On December 31st I used to take a photo of the board, and the following day I’d strip it ready for new memories. I think perhaps it was a forerunner to this blog, because when I started blogging I didn’t do the cork board so much any more.

Not terribly into philosophizing about the departed year unless it was especially remarkable, and even then there are some things too personal to ramble on about, so I came up with the postcards I might have sent myself from those events, celebrations, visits & journeys. This is the 4th year I’ve done this now.

This year began magnificently, shortly after new year, camping on Alto de Guajara, sleeping in a cave, seeing a billion, billion stars and watching the sun rise from the ocean, casting its glow over Guajara and Mt Teide, the famous shadow of Teide extending over the Atlantic – a never-to-be-forgotten experience. It changed my life in some ways. Gave me confidence and focus I’d lacked, especially coming fairly soon after the abseiling episode. Was the rest of the year ever going to live up to that….frankly, if it didn’t, it was going to be up to me, wasn’t it?

IMG_0784london last 084IMG_0723-001IMG_0762breakfasts 069IMG_2212IMG_0793IMG_3403Me at climbing wall

There were some amazing highlights; like the climbing wall in Kendal – something I thought I would never do; sitting overlooking Lake Grasmere with Austin early on a warm and still Spring morning, the mists still hugging the lake; all the fun and foodiness of Camden Market with my sons; my first press pass – something else I’d given up hope on long ago; a some stunning hikes in Tenerife and in England; London in Spring with Guy and a touch of luxury;  some wonderful laughs with girlfriends on the island; catching up with some old friends, too seldom seen, in England, and listening to the awesome Steve McCurry speak at the opening of an exhibition of his work here –  hasn’t all been hunky dory,  but hey, here are the good bits – the laughs and the triumphs, the successes and beauty, the great meals and……..
some sunsets.

london last 012southbank 031Steve McCurry 2012 Santa Cruzmuelle noche 034First morning Kirkham 022breakfasts 144IMG_0810Granadilla MayIMG_2858dont know 003IMG_1870387762_10150478689826431_528991430_9284919_1809674459_nIMG_3081cave pic maria 2southbank 060IMG_0720IMG_0188b 006cable car 002IMG_3619IMG_2111IMG_3554chinatown 102IMG_0452IMG_0706IMG_0789IMG_1535-1breakfast 017IMG_2171IMG_0835IMG_2168IMG_2066IMG_3343IMG_2146IMG_3644IMG_3743granadilla may (2)IMG_1550IMG_1059IMG_0827First morning Kirkham 016tajao 028with olive mar de nubesLytham and Cleveleys 041IMG_0797DSC_0114Pan roasted sea bassIMG_1601IMG_3188IMG_3509morning beach 001sunset 006IMG_3334IMG_2002IMG_2976london last 053Lytham and Cleveleys 010breakfast 023Lytham 023IMG_3753Lytham 002tajao 001Plaza Esp w Olivewtm 013reenactment 035IMG_3777IMG_1580IMG_3224london last 046IMG_2343Hot Chocolate Café Nerotajao 094IMG_3427IMG_1854IMG_0898IMG_2318IMG_2903IMG_2930chinatown 039IMG_4396IMG_3076IMG_2188IMG_0802IMG_3565IMG_3355IMG_2060tajao 006IMG_3946Nation Geo Exhib march LondonIMG_3742Roys deep panme sunriseLytham and Cleveleys 008london last 101IMG_3376IMG_3317IMG_3572IMG_4932DSC_0104southbank 024breakfast 016IMG_9094IMG_1971IMG_2416breakfasts 173london last 086IMG_0503IMG_0820 b 009london last 034IMG_3599IMG_2971IMG_2120me 017sunset 025london last 062IMG_2846IMG_1875london last 065IMG_3947IMG_5555IMG_3957 San Sebastian La Caleta Janafternoon tea and markets 003IMG_4902IMG_4423IMG_0925sun 031IMG_3897sunet 003IMG_3977IMG_4417Wild Mushroom Wellingtonsunset 013The Group Cho Pancho April 2012IMG_3944sun 032sun 057dont know 005IMG_1955IMG_1814bocinegro 024bocinegro 006bocinegro 013bocinegro 004  dont know 006ny 004

Author: IslandMomma

Aging with passion; travelling with curiosity; exploring islandlife, and trying to keep fit and healthy.

12 thoughts on “2012: Postcards to Myself

  1. Happy New Year, Linda. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many photos in one blog post!

  2. And the same to you!!!!

    LOL! I didn’t count, and this time last year I resolved to have the post in draft and keeping adding to it during the year, but of course I didn’t! Still, it was nice to sit down one night & run through it all & savor the memories :=)

  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences in words and pics. Love the idea of the postcards — some amazing photos! Happy New Year, Linda!

  4. Same to you, Cathy. Wonder if 2013 might be the year we get to meet up?? Glad you liked it. It was a good exercise for me. I thought my year was a bit “blah” but I can see it wasn’t that bad!

  5. How nice to share your year. Some of the photos we’ve seen along the way, some new. One of Lytham Green! Is the elderly lady having some pub grub someone I know? wondering if it is Dot although I truly can’t see that it is.
    All the best for 2013 and another action packed year.

  6. Guessing when you say Lytham Green you mean the one taken on the promenade alongside, yes? That’s my goddaughter’s husband and little boy. Everyone else was bundled up that day – James is tough! :=) Yes, that’s Auntie Dot. She’s very frail now, but we still have lunch and a glass of wine in the pub when I go. At least we did in Autumn. In Spring she wasn’t well enough, so I was delighted we could resume our habit in October! One of the blessings of last year was that she recovered, and was so much better in the six months between my visits.

    Wishing you and yours a lovely 2013, full of everything you wish yourselves.

  7. What a lovely idea, Linda! I didn’t manage to catch all of your activities throughout the year, but looking back at the photos did provide many, “Oh, yeah! I remember that!” moments. Fun for you and for us! 🙂

  8. :=) ……. and as in the previous year there are some photos missing, and I was conscious of that, and you know which ones! Some of these photos are just nice, personal memories, like the lunch with my auntie or a breakfast with Maria, not always stuff I wrote about. It’s always fun for me each year to go look back over previous years too. Doubt I would do that with a written post.

    Hoping we have some moments to share this year too!!!!!

  9. I really like your cork board idea but this was a great way to remember and share your year! Really a fun idea.

  10. I like the idea of these virtual postcards to yourself. Some gorgeous sunsets among them, too 🙂

  11. Thank you. I’ve been doing it for a few years now. Sometimes I think I should begin the post, like, now, and just keep adding to it through the year, but truth is it’s also fun going through the year’s snaps and remembering. It takes a bit of work, but I’ve always found it worth it so far!

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