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When You Need a Home from Home in London try Homeaway UK


I was delighted when Katrina from TourAbsurd asked me if I wanted to share an apartment with her this week in London. We’re both here for the World Travel Market 2012 (more about that another time), and this evening I am even more pleased. After coming down with the sniffles this afternoon it was soooo nice to come back to an apartment, make a hot drink and put my feet up, instead of hiding under the covers in a anonymous hotel room. How is this for comfy?

We have lacked for nothing. The apartment has full cooking facilities, including an oven…..if we had had the energy to cook it would have been easy – there is a Tesco Express three minutes walk away, and that’s just around the corner from the Haggerston London overground station. When I look out of the window in the morning, this is my view:

Yes, my friends, I DID run down there the other morning. The canal towpath is the perfect place! I’m hoping to do it at least once more before I move on on Thursday, but if anything has caused grumbles this week it has been the British weather. Still the apartment has been more than warm enough, so no grumbles when indoors!

We have to thank Homeaway UK for arranging the apartment…..whilst Katrina did all the booking she kept me informed and I know they were exceptionally helpful, checking on transport etc for us. It’s important how those touches improve a travel experience, especially in somewhere as potentially confusing as London!

In fact, I felt at home in no time at all. Whilst I do enjoy to be spoiled from time to time by hotels, staying in an apartment, especially when you are working is a much better experience. We both arrived on Thursday, and the apartment owner was here to meet us with keys. By Friday evening I felt like a local, shopping at Tesco, riding the Tube and the Overground to the manner born (or at least that’s how I felt!). I’ve never lived in London, so never really needed to travel in rush hour before…..quite the experience, and doubly crowded because of WTM apparently!

Our only problem was with the wifi, which was what Brits call ” a dongle” – a USB connection, which meant that only one person could use it at a time. Fortunately Katrina could connect via her phone, but when that went down over the weekend it proved a bit difficult. It’s a minor thing compared to the comfort of the apartment, its convenience for getting to Excel or into the City and that “at home” feeling, and, it goes without saying that sharing an apartment is much more economical than hotels. Though we are only two people, this apartment does sleep four, which would make it an extraordinary bargain so close to so much of London.

No doubt I will be reluctant to leave tomorrow, but I will have no hesitation in using Homeaway UK’s services in the future! And just to finish…….you know how crazy I am about sunrises? Here was this week’s……maybe not over the ocean and a tad early (it turned fiery pink a bit later) but still… was the lovely beginning of a great day!



Author: IslandMomma

Aging with passion; travelling with curiosity; exploring islandlife, and trying to keep fit and healthy.

19 thoughts on “When You Need a Home from Home in London try Homeaway UK

  1. Sounds like you are having fun, Linda 🙂

    Funnily enough, I discovered Katrina´s blog by accident this morning as she was featured as a link by someone doing one of my photo challenges. Small world!

  2. That looks lovely, IslandMomma! Happy and safe travels. I’ve missed so much of your blog with another blogging hiatus, but look forward to catching up!

  3. glad you have got over to u.k. and enjoyed London. are you heading North? If you photo’d the geese in this area they would be pinkfoot. we have hundreds and thousands eating rotting spuds in Pilling then flying over to the Ribble esturary to roost overnight. there is nothing like the sight and sound of wild geese to signify autumn slipping into winter.

  4. Looks lovely and sounds like the perfect place to stay! 😉

    • Highly recommend the apartment or the company (maybe if you’re going to London it might not be in the right area for you – but east London is definitely the happening place right now and it was handy for Excel or to get into the city center). Homeaway have apartments all over the city. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them or to recommend them based on this experience!

  5. Very nice Linda. It looks and sound like you had a great time.

  6. I always like to hear about apartment stays in various cities as an alternative to hotels. We’ve had some very good experiences in apartments and love feeling “like a local”.

    • Since I did this for a living for a while here in Tenerife (oh if only they’d had internet back then!) you really would think I would have thought of it before, but it absolutely did feel like that. Since the visit was work as well as play it felt right, and it was great that I really can say, hand on heart, that it really was that good!

  7. HomeAwayUK is also my go-to when I want to look for a holiday rental, anywhere in Europe. They have such an array of apartments.

  8. It’s good to know that they’re the same all over Europe. This is going to save me a lot of time in the future I think!

  9. Such a lovely place. Happy traveling!

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