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The Best Sunrise You’ll Never See


I have to be out of the house by 7ish this morning, so we here we are at 6.30, Trixy and I, walking along the sea front in the semi-light, watching the white phantoms which are wave tips moving across the immense, grey mass which is the ocean.

Yesterday it rained, a very unusual event for the south of this island in June, and menacing clouds still hover, making the normally dry air humid. As yet there isn’t even that thin line of light on the horizon announcing the sun’s arrival, but shapes are becoming clearer as dawn seeps into day.

Above, a huge, purple-grey cloud is still. It hovers like ET’s starship, foreboding and immense. To the east, it tapers, making a triangular shape, so that its tip rests over the Montaña Pelade headland, making it look as if it’s emerging from the mountain. Its folds, like threatening chunks of dirty cotton wool, merge into its gloomy volume, but I know that as the sun appears it will wash the edges of the clouds which make up this conglomeration and turn them pink and then red, and finally suck the grey out of it all.

But I have to go, an early appointment calls, and I turn for home. As I drive out of the garage and onto the still-quiet streets the sun is still not risen, but the day is brighter. I join the autopista, it’s weekend and the traffic is light. I let my mind wander to the walk ahead of me.

There is something like a flash in my wing mirror, and I glance over. There, reflected in the mirror, as if it’s a tv screen, is a fantasy sunrise, the one I imagined. That ominous purple triangle is turning rosy around its edges, then red, then orange, and the colors spread and leak all over the sky. My heart aches to stop and whip out the camera, but it would be a waste, better just to watch in my mirror and enjoy. Soon the whole cloud is crimson, and then, quickly, because that’s how it happens here, the sun, early-morning but powerful drains the cloud’s color, until it’s just another large cloud in the sky. In a few minutes it will break up, disperse, and the heavens will be blue for the rest of the day.

I love early mornings.

Saturday June 9th

Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

6 thoughts on “The Best Sunrise You’ll Never See

  1. I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now….love that song! Love clouds too like yourself. I’m torn between photographing them and painting them, in pastels my favourite medium right now. Or maybe do both…
    .I also love getting up early to watch the dawn here, from the other side of Montana Roca, from the comfort of my glassed in terrace overlooking the everchanging Ocean (soooo much more exciting than the Medi) marred only briefly by the neverever changing abandoned building site in between,- one of the more prosaic downsides of Spanish life these days! But the skies here and the Ocean more than make up for them!

    • One of my favorite songs too! I did a theme on Flickr once, and used the words of the song split up against each image. Even though we have these intensely blue skies here so much of the time, those sunrise and sunset colors are the most evocative, aren’t they….I imagine they look lovely painted in pastels!

      That’s the building site in Sotovento? I think it’s not entirely abandoned, but on hold until La Crisis passes, though god knows when that will be! Even then I wonder if it isn’t better right now!

      • No not Sotovente. A bit further east. And a worse sight (!) than that one. A disgrace in fact and something I feel strongly about. It’s the Alicur site next to El Nautico Suites – which incidentally is a finel piece of modern apartment architecture – whereas the Alicur site in all its concrete glory reminds one of a decaying Disneyian fantasy.
        Shame on them for allowing it to be approved and halfbuilt whilst the economy was already in deep trouble..

    • Ah Golf del Sur is a nightmare on so many levels. Its history of incompetence (and what more one can only speculate) goes back many, many years. I’ve lived here 25 now, and it was already an eyesore then.

  2. Wonder description. I feel as though I’m there watching.

    • Thank you very much, Jim! Recently I’ve been enjoying photography so much I think I’ve forgotten about writing, and that was the original intention of this blog, although I guess it’s maybe 60/40 these days between the two. I thought I’d see if I could “paint” a scene without the camera! I just dashed it off and went out, and then when I was driving thought of better words I could have used, still, it’s there now!

      On Saturday I was driving down the autopista cursing my luck that the one morning last week I didn’t have my camera with me there would be a sunrise like that one! However, later in the day I knew it was worth the early departure! As you will see as soon as I can find a minute to edit photos!

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