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Of Blue Doors & Butterflies: A Short Stroll in the Countryside


The year is rapidly running out. Stupid, in a way, to move house on the cusp of the festive season, but it’s the way leases work here, and, of course, needs must, the pension being on hold for now I needed to downsize some more. The natural inclination is to get this new apartment straight for the new year, and so there isn’t much to report so far as day to day life goes. It’s unpacking, Christmas shopping and planning (albeit everything will be late this year!), and my other goal is to edit and archive all my photos from the year too. New beginnings – I love ’em!

So, naturally, in the course of sorting the photos there are masses I’ve never used, and I thought I’d do a few photo essays by way of keeping in touch and using the photos. Expect to see more photos next year, but more of intentions and resolutions for 2012 a bit later, at the appropriate time.

For now, this set of photos comes from a short stroll I took with Pilar & Cristina in October, when, as you can see, the chestnuts were still on the trees and not in the braziers! We were visiting Cristina’s sister, (who was about to depart for pastures new on the other side of the world – jealous, not much!) in the woodland just above Icod de los Vinos, and it was one of those cool and clear Autumn days when you wonder at the perfection of the natural world.  In the land around the family home there is an orchard and buildings now abandoned, which I lapped up!

There are very few places on this island where you can’t catch at least a glimpse of the ocean, even here in the pine forest.

In the early days of the island’s conquest by Spain the main crop around here was sugar cane, and you still find remnants.


Author: IslandMomma

Aging with passion; travelling with curiosity; exploring islandlife, and trying to keep fit and healthy.

2 thoughts on “Of Blue Doors & Butterflies: A Short Stroll in the Countryside

  1. All beautiful! I hope you make some wonderful holiday gifts for family and friends from your photos – they would be treasures for everyone!

  2. Thank you, and thanks for reading and commenting …. I know you must be really busy around now!

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