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The One in Which I Find My Fotos from Barcelona!


There are times when I despair of my efficiency, and there are others when I surprise myself! Despite deleting the photos of Barcelona from my laptop I find that I actually did back them up!  Now, go on, ask me why I didn’t check to see if I’d done that before I began gnashing teeth and wailing!  Answer: I have no memory of doing it at all!  I have this probably-stupid habit of not backing them up until I’ve used them for my immediate purposes i.e. this blog etc.  Anyhoo, Woot! I am happy to say I seem to have backed up Barca when I backed up Sevilla… here are the fotos which should have been in the last post :=)

La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s as-yet-unfinished masterpiece.  Even down there, admiring it, I didn’t get the sense of just how huge it is that I got from this vantage point atop Parc Güell.

If I could time travel Gaudi is one of the people I would love to meet! Even today his ideas seem quirky and surreal, so how must they have appeared to be back then? Or was it that the world was being shaken then by new ideas in art which have, in fact, never really become “the norm”. I love the way that Gaudi confounds our perspective of how things “ought” to be, and shows us the possibilities of how things “could” be. Seeing his creations is like being in Disney World, a fantasy universe where the roof of a house might just turn out to be made of gingerbread, and a bench is made up of all the colors of the rainbow.

The protected frontage of the Palau de Musíca – see previous post. Of course it wasn’t only Gaudi who epitomized this era of fantasy and over-the-top gorgeousness! Lluís Domènech i Montaner was the creator of this intricate and stunning auditorium, which I couldn’t afford to experience inside :=(  However, if you want an idea of  just how beautiful it is simply Google Palau de Musica and look at the images there.  I’m just hoping that next time I visit Barcelona there will be pix here too….maybe even a report of a concert I saw there, because the agenda for the coming weeks looked marvelous.

The box office is now sited in that shiny, new part, but don’t you feel an urge to time travel back to when the box office looked like this? Wasn’t that a time of style and fun which got lost somewhere along the way? Ah, this must be one of the reasons I love Barcelona so much!

This sculpture on the corner of the building, by Miguel Blay, is called “Catalan Song”. The building was, in every sense, a celebration of Catalan talent, vision and creativity, drawing on both history and on modern design.

And, finally – I’ve never been much a fan of Gothic, but I realized in Barcelona’s cathedral that even Gothic style, which, in my mind is a bit overwhelming and threatening, has its humorous side.

I don’t know nearly enough about architecture to know if these come under the heading of gargoyles, and the cathedral being one stop on a busy day of sightseeing I haven’t yet found the history of these quirky adornments, but they definitely amused me!

And to finish at the same point as the last post, Maria, as always knowing just the right pose to strike, alongside the modern portrayal of the word Barcino, the Latin name for Barcelona.


Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

10 thoughts on “The One in Which I Find My Fotos from Barcelona!

  1. What a relief to find you had a backup! So glad you did, because they photos are great. Gaudi’s works are amazing — hope to see them up close and personal some time. Lluís Domènech i Montaner’s auditorium is quite stunning, too.

  2. I’m relieved you found your photos. Yay!
    We “did” Art Nouveau at uni (part of a special “fin de siecle” module we took, encompassing all aspects of of late 19th century,culture not just the literature) and I’ve loved it ever since. Gaudi is an extreme example of “organic” architecture, I suppose. I’ve always been a fan of Gothic architecture as well and find that on entering many a medieval cathedral, my heart soars, which was, I suppose, the intention. Gargoyles are rainwater spouts, no more, no less but with a quirky twist!


  3. Ah, thank you. I’ve been meaning to look it up, but moving house is very time consuming right now, plus trying to keep all my other balls in the air! I logged on last night, just so you know, but you weren’t there! Thinking if I change my SKYPE plan to Europe instead of just UK then I can always give you a quick ring to see if we can get together online?

    God I wish I’d done that course, it takes so long to put all the pieces together without guidance! I reserve the right to be reasonably rich if I ever get into that time machine, btw!

    Gothic – I think the word I chose, threatening, is how I feel about it. I have no doubt fueled in part by the fact that most of what I saw originally was under dark and ominous skies. Barcelona’s cathedral, always seen under sunny skies, even in winter, doesn’t look half so bad. I didn’t go inside this time, but the time that I did I was going through an especially intense dislike of the extravagance of the Catholic Church when there is so much need in the world, and I hated it.

  4. Some of the loveliest examples of Art Nouveau are the old entrances to some Metro stations in Paris. Whenever we go there, I stand in wonder in front of them! Yes, it was a good course – we did it as an alternative to writing a thesis and as I wanted to write a thesis on the influence of English ballads on Appalachian folk music and some blues (St. James Infirmary Blues being one of them) I couldn’t find a tutor who knew enough about the subject! But I LOVED the module and it really opened my eyes to that period. It’s all bound up with Oscar Wilde, Aubrey Beardsley. etc…etc… fabulous.

    Do you have my number at home? Often I’m in the living room and don’t hear the Skype warble.


  5. That would have been so cool as a thesis!

    No, I don’t have your home number in fact. Give it to me the next time we speak! Right now it’s 13.56 my time (Sunday) – an hour behind you – and SKYPE says you’re offline. It won’t let me ring you!

  6. so pleased for you! isn’t it just wonderful when you find something you had ‘written off’ as lost. one of lifes best feelings.
    re – gargoyles, recently on QI Stephen Fry et al dishing out loads of trivia to stuff my head with (instead of more worthy things) if you look closely for the spout – not easy at the height they are, but anyway, water opening = gargoyle, no opening = grotesque.
    I’m right with you on the churches being lavish at the expense of the people who worship! seen plenty on our trip just gone, but even in small towns in Southern Ireland have enornmous churches.

  7. Yay! Mostly I was pleased that I was less stupid than I considered myself to be!

    Thank you for the info – I will call on you the next time I need a piece of useless information :=)

    I often find myself conflicted in churches. I admire the art, and I respect that people need religion, but even in St Peter’s in Rome, where I was overawed when I was young, now I just want to get out as quickly as possible!

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