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Dreaming of Lazy Lunches


Just a couple of weeks ago this beach would have been full of children enjoying the last days of their summer break. This is the little village of Tajao, about ten minutes up the east coast from El Médano, and as different from El Médano as that resort is from Playa de las Americas.

On the weekend it will be busy again.  If you ever wonder where local folk go for their family Sundays, this is one of them.  The beaches of Arona and Adeje are for the young if you’re a local, and the beaches of these small, coastal villages throng with families enjoying their leisuretime.

Now, weekdays, you could have the beach to yourself, (there wasn’t a soul there the day I went last week), and afterwards you can feast on fresh fish in one of the nearby restaurants,at a price which won’t break the bank. This is the sort of place I think of when I think about lunch.  Usually it’s fresh fish and papas arrugadas, or lapas or calamari to start with.  I have to admit that the salads often leave something to the imagination, but almost make up for it by their freshness.

A few weeks ago I was lolling on a rock in a little village similar to Tajao, when a small fishing boat gingerly approached the rocks on the other side of the bay.  Some local guys went down to hold the boat’s line, and help one of the two crew onto land.  The second crew member handed up a very large tuna, which was then carried up to one of the restaurants nearby. You can’t get much fresher than that!


Author: IslandMomma

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5 thoughts on “Dreaming of Lazy Lunches

  1. We had some of the freshest fish that I’ve ever eaten* in Tajao, in a restaurant called ‘Manolo Dos’ on the main street. No menu … just look at what’s on offer, choose your fish, and they grill it and serve it with papas and salad. Just how it should be: no saucey bollox disguising the fact that the fish is frozen … just transparent freshness: wonderful 🙂

    * didn’t quite get my all-time “Best Fish in The Universe” award though … that remains with the marlin that I ate some fifteen years ago in Oistins fish market in Barbados. Probably unbeatable, but Tajao came close … certainly knocks Los Abrigos out of the water for quality and value-for-money.

  2. Totally jealous of marlin in Barbados, but totally agree about Los Abrigos. On the other hand maybe I should have kept quiet about Tajao, do you think?! The busier a place gets the more the prices rise and quality falls!

  3. Those are the times I really enjoy the beaches (when no one else is around). For me timing is everything, I would rather have the beach to myself, listen to the sound of the ocean and relax. Lazy lunches sounds like my thing!

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