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Autumn Arrives


Autumn arrived on the back of a stiff Atlantic breeze the other day.  I had a visit from Katrina of TourAbsurd, and after a few days exploring the island we had awarded ourselves a lazy day, breakfast with friends and a snooze on a beach; but it wasn’t to be – at least not for as long as we hoped!  After consistent sunshine and a good forecast for the entire week, Thursday dawned cloudy and humid, but that’s not unusual, days often begin badly and end well, or vice versa, and sitting by the sea scoffing croissants and café con leche the lack of sun wasn’t entirely unwelcome.

By the time we were ready to move, the clouds still hovered, so I opted for the Las Vistas beach in Los Cristianos for practical reasons, and we even took sunbeds and organized ourselves in hopes that the sun would peep out from the grey.  Katina had a swim, and it was pleasant to be outdoors and sleepy, possibly even more so than if the sun had been fierce.

I was dozing when Autumn sneaked up, and woke me, swirling around the sunbeds on a warm but forceful zephyr, spraying sand in our eyes and sending the sunbed guy scurrying to close the parasols.

And there it was, like some cartoon character riding the elements and into our lives.  The season had changed on cue.

It had been only five days before that El Médano celebrated the end of its fiesta.  I’d sat on the wall of the boardwalk with friends devouring crêpes from the fair’s newest stall, and watching the amazing fireworks, and the next night nibbled kebabs and ice cream under balmy night skies, yet Thursday I could pinpoint the exact moment that Summer ceded to Fall. No frost, no gales, no dark mornings, the year simply shrugged off the intensity of the sun, and…….. turned.  Already the clouds have receded to their mountain hangouts, and the days are sunny again, but now we never know how a day will be.  There is the constant possibility of rain between now and, roughly, March; another few weeks and I will be shaking out the duvet and today already I bought veggies to make soup.  The differences in the year aren’t bold here, but Autumn has arrived for sure.




Author: IslandMomma

Aging with passion; travelling with curiosity; exploring islandlife, and trying to keep fit and healthy.

9 thoughts on “Autumn Arrives

  1. Missing you and autumn on Tenerife. 🙂

  2. no sooner did we get the firewood organised and had our first fire, and thought about finding where we put the sweaters – than woaw – hold on the sun and warm sunshine at that, has returned and made everyone grateful for a few more stolen days before the central heating starts firing up!! (to long a sentence, sorry) with any luck it will last until we start to soak up some Spanish sun for our weeks tour of the cities.

  3. LOL! I heard – at least you’ve seen some sun before it hides away for the winter!

  4. Nikki and I were cycling in the forest above La Esperanza the moment that autumn struck Tenerife. It went from being in the mid twenties and sunny in Puerto when we were having breakfast, to around 14c and driving rain by the time we got up to Las Raices. We were riding in and out of clouds and rain all the time, with loads of layers of clothes on (luckily actually, as the extra layers softened the blow when Nik fell off 😦

    After warming up, drying out, and repairing Nik (full story here: we drove on up through the clouds and emerged into bright sunshine at around 1500 metres. We stayed the night in the Parador hotel and the weather was perfect. Next morning I went up el Teide and again perfecto. Today it’s rained in the morning and then was ferociously hot (as per the UK 🙂

  5. OMG I hope Nikki’s ok now. I just read your blog!

    It’s fairly common for there to be that much contrast in the coastal and mountain weather here. I went hiking with my son a while back, and were rained off in the Anaga Mountains, but sunburned in the Mal Pais de Güimar, where we ended up instead. I suppose you have to say that it accounts for the contrast in the scenery too. I was in the north Saturday, and in Anaga again yesterday, and the greenery was such a stark contrast to the barrenness we have here in the south at the moment.

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