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Opting for Some Color in my Life


I had a grey day today, even though it was bright and sunny outdoors it was grey inside.  Grey because today they washed down the exterior of the building in which I live with high pressure hoses, and we were told to close the exterior blinds as a precaution.  I wasn’t able to go out, and so I sat all morning and half the afternoon in the gloom, as the machine clonked and hissed outside.  It reminded way too much of English winter days, when I never saw daylight and the house lights were on all day, especially as the water began to beat against the blinds, the sounds zinged along my neural pathways, and I could feel a kind of depression setting in.

It struck me, not for the first time, that living in a sub-tropical climate is living in technicolor, which is cheery and positive.  I suppose it’s possible to overdose on it, but after 40 years of mainly monochrome UK living I doubt that I’ll do that!  Take the other morning, all I did was go to meet someone for coffee, earlyish, around 9.30, and I had a blue day, not in the “having the blues” sense, but in the  cystal-clear sky and sapphire ocean blue sense.  I had what promised to be a pleasant but long day ahead, and that just set me up for it, sitting with my milky café con leche, drinking in the blue by the harbor in Las Galletas.

Someone recently in a comment accused me of dissing England, but I don’t.  I love England, I love the countryside, especially the mountains and riverbanks.  I love London and Guildford, and Torquay and Keswick and lots of places in between. I love Shakespeare and Wordsworth and Tennyson, The Rolling Stones, Hugh Grant and Marks & Sparks and a zillion other things, just not those long, dark winter days.  It’s not even the cold or the rain or the wind, it’s the dark.

Here, I feel more alive.  I know it isn’t for everyone.  I don’t even care too much for the heat in July and August, but I like the freedom the warmth and light give me.  I like that continuing on to Santa Cruz after this meeting I only had to stuff a light shawl into my bag, not don a coat or even a jacket.  I like that when a friend says, “Let’s barbeque Sunday,” we know that it’s 99.9% certain we can do that in April.  I like that when I realize I forgot to buy milk I can just grab my keys and purse and shuffle around to the supermarket without having to muffle up, even in January.  I like that I can walk my dog almost every day without it being a chore because it’s cold or wet.  I like that I don’t have to buy tights or gloves or coats.  Any that I own I owned back in 1987 or bought on winter vacations.  I like that I can have that coffee or almost any meal I want outdoors.  And I like that my day can be any color I want it to be;


or pink,

or green,

or red,

or white,

or even multi-colored


Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

14 thoughts on “Opting for Some Color in my Life

  1. Love this post Linda……….and it reminds me that I haven´t returned your super thick scarf, hat and gloves that you lent me for my trip to England in DecemberI Guess you haven´t missed them huh?

  2. This made me smile – lovely 🙂

  3. Lovely post Linda and the multi-coloured picture made me smile. I spent ages looking at that complex trying to make my mind up about it. I think I decided that it would be cheery to walk by but not to live opposite…..

    • I know what you mean – luckily no-one has to live opposite to it. That frontage is on the promenade, facing the ocean! It’s a bit Miami, isn’t it, part of a complex which is over-the-top decorwise, but I believe very nice, and I should add that the management is very kind of socially aware, I happen to know. They help where they can, so I won’t be sarky about their façade! I’ll just bite my tongue!

  4. What a lovely post with, no surprise, beautiful photos! I love blue days, of the blue color variety. It’s my very favorite color. Though, your pink is serene. It, and the blue, remind me of the Caribbean, one of my very favorite places. Now I’m intrigued even more by Tenerife because it seems to have the same palette.

    • It’s my favorite too, but not just because I live here, it always was. I’m not sure on the palette, and I’m not sure how much the islands in teh Caribbean vary one from another. There is no white and little golden sand here, for instance. It’s volcanic sand and varies from pure black to a kind of dirtyish yellow, except on Fuerteventura, where there are stunning golden beaches. Odd. Each island is fairly different. They rose from the depths at different times in history so perhaps that is why.

  5. I totally understand what you say BUT when you have gone through the dark cold gloomy days of winter then how much more welcome are the warm, light days with blossom and spring flowers. such a season of promise for me and I think I would miss the seasonality of life if I wasn’t here. I can appreciate a nice log fire and a glass of something red and a good t.v. detective show. I can appreciate being snug in bed whilst it is raining and blowing outside. I can feel envious of your ‘winter’ sunshine too!

  6. Possibly had I not been born and raised in a cold climate I might take this one for granted, but since I spent two thirds of my life in England I don’t expect ever to take it for granted, otherwise I wouldn’t be posting. From time to time I want to experience a different season, especially in the Fall, my favorite, but then I can vacation somewhere where it’s in season, so I can get my fill that way. No, if I move from here it will have to be somewhere warm!

  7. Oooh the red is my favourite.

    • That morning almost cured me of being lazy! That mountain is at the end of the beach where I used to live, a bit further down the coast from where I live now, and I’d just gone out to walk the dog. Luckily, I always carried a point and shoot in my pocket, but it would have been so much better a) with a better camera and b) had I had time to get a bit closer! It used to take me about ten minutes to get down onto the beach from my apartment, and sunrises shift so quickly I knew there wouldn’t be time, so I just stopped at the end of the road and snapped. It’s a great memory if not a great photo technically!

  8. Great post Linda. I love the use of your pics to illustrate the various colour moods.

    ps where was the green one taken ?

    re the Caribbean / Canarian islands … having spent a bit of time in Barbados, Antigua, the BVI islands, Dominican Republic etc and now living here in Tenerife, I think there are many similarities and many differences. Actually there’s probably as much difference between say Antigua and the DR as between say Fuerte and Gomera or Hierro.

    • Thank you. It was one of those things. It began as something different and took on its own form. The green one was the lily pond in the Botanical Gardens in Puerto de la Cruz – a couple of years ago. I don’t know what it’s like now after the storm damage last year.

      I so need to go to the Caribbean to set my mind at rest on that :=))

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