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Trying to Live up to Expectations


Wow, but it was a thrill seeing my blog on the Freshly Pressed, front page of WordPress, but, after the happy dance was over, I got to fretting – what should I write next? How could I “live up to” the post which earned that distinction? So is it true that numbers of random strangers read my ramblings? Do I have a responsibility to them now to produce something similar to that post, or can I meander off chunnering on about the events in the Middle East or the state of Canarian education?

As you can see, I wimped out, and posted photos.  I would probably have done that anyway.  The weekend’s full moon was spectacular and a global event and a test (failed, clearly, in execution if not in composition) of my newly-acquired photographic skills.

The thing is, I’m not entirely sure where this blog is going, it’s a bit of a runaway train, and of course, I don’t want it to end up being a wreck.  It’s evolved, and it’s taken on a life of its own to some extent.  I often find myself sitting down to write one thing and ending up posting something entirely different – like now.

My life is, like Shirley Valentine’s, very ordinary at the moment, though I appreciate that its setting is extra-ordinary to many people. So I sit and wonder, having started up this train, what on earth I can write about.  It certainly doesn’t snow here every day, and I don’t go up into the mountains every day either, and yet I can see where the mundane for me might be something different for someone else, and so I ramble on.

I’m lucky that this ordinariness includes moments like today’s lunch of tapas including a salpicón de marisco (a mixture of prawns, mussels, crabsticks, peppers and onions in a light vinaigrette dressing), pimientos de padrón (small, green peppers, fried in olive oil until they are about to crisp and liberally sprinkled with salt) and churros de pescado (battered and fried chunks of white fish) washed down with chilled white wine, followed by the coffee I have christened the super barraquito, and all consumed under a sky and next to an ocean so blue that they defy description.

I’m lucky that a trip to sort out car taxes led to a breakfast of milky coffee and a slice of moist tortilla española under shady trees in a street cafe where the early morning breeze was balmy enough to be wearing only cotton cargoes and a T-shirt.

I’m lucky that driving to a class yesterday the road wound me through hills and vineyards for a while.

And I’m lucky that most days I can forget the frazzled traffic on the autopista and take the long way home, just so I can take in this view.

I’m fond of saying that everywhere is interesting, that you can find the interest and the beauty even in the midst of the ugly, and I firmly believe that. I also would prefer to be in any number of places rather than here, places I know and love more, and places I have yet to see that are calling me, sometimes so strongly I want to stamp my feet like a child and sulk that I can’t go right now.  Yet, if I have to be stuck somewhere I have to admit that this ain’t half bad.  The climate is nigh perfect; the landscapes, which range from lush to spectacular are unequalled; there are historical towns and cities, and there are modern resorts; there are fresh foods including “mango and papaya you can pick right off the tree”. (Okaaaaay hands up if you know which song in which musical that came from!); and there are wines, there are fruity reds and there are chilled,  floral whites which slide down so easily on a warm day like today.

In short, I suppose, I am counting my blessings, or some of them………for now.


Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

11 thoughts on “Trying to Live up to Expectations

  1. My hand is up (although I do believe it was mangoes and bananas). x

  2. You’re right, now I come to think, but you haven’t said which!!

  3. ‘what ain’t we? we ain’t got dames!’
    South Pacific – have I won the free trip???

  4. LOL. I’d have to say it’s a tie, and I promise you both, when I am rich and famous a weekend in Paris :=)

  5. Gah! I would have got ‘South Pacific’ – love it – but I wouldn’t have known which song. Did you know it was based on short stories by James Michener which won the Pulitzer Prize? I highly recommend his memoires, ‘The World is My Home’; he had quite a life!

    • Wow! I just looked that up on Amazon – not many books get only four or five stars, not even one person who gave it any less. The Amazon review is very interesting too. I’ve put it in my cart for when I have a couple of pennies to rub together! Thanks for that!

  6. Thanks, Sarah. I’ve made a note of that. I think that I knew that a long time ago, but had forgotten. It seems to me that they made a movie of “Hawaii” too, and that was when I read about “South Pacific”. I must have seen that movie a dozen times. It used to run for a “season” in one of our local cinemas when I was in my teens, and sometimes I even went on my own (not that I ever told my parents!). I wonder if it stuck with me somehow, and that’s why I ended up living on an island? I didn’t set out to live on an island. At the time we emigrated I would have gone just about anywhere! But maybe there was some sort of energy at work there!

  7. WOW – Linda. Congrats. Completely missed the freshly pressed on WP. Can only blame setting up a new laptop and heading to the back of beyond (La Gomera). Fantastic.

    • Thank you, yep it was last weekend, so you were away dancing the Gay Gordons :=) It’s a bit overwhelming, isn’t it! It was a bit kind of scary in a way, realizing that people I don’t know read it, but it was nice too. Made the world a smaller place, and that’s a concept I love.

  8. I’m actually devouring these pictures, given that I’ll touch down on this lovely island in a few days and start looking for a home. I wonder if you ever got my email? Would so much love to meet you.

    • I did, and I am so sorry I didn’t answer yet! I’ve had some minor problems, which are hopefully resolved now. I will write in the next couple of days, promise! I would be great to meet up!

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