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Spring Moonrise


In common with thousands of people the world over (and most of them members of Flickr it seems) last night at sunset found me scanning the horizon for the “super moon”.  Having seen some spectacular moons here I was expecting something really stunning as I paced the shoreline, and poked about a bit in rock pools to pass the time.  A random, wet dog befriended me for a while, and I watched a couple of guys messing about in the ocean, one with a boogie board and the other with a surf board and a paddle.  It all seemed a bit chilly to me.  I thought of jogging a bit, like other folk on the beach, the moon seemed to be a bit on the late side.

When I spotted it I realized it had had to rise out of some cloud cover on the horizon, and it was already a pale, scarlet orb, hanging on the skyline.  It was pretty.  I’ve never seen the moon just that color before, and the setting was magical, over the steely ocean and the gentle waves running at the shore, but it wasn’t nearly as huge as I’d expected.  I’ve seen the moon here on occasion rise over a mountain as if it was bearing down on planet earth, and once I saw it immense and pure silver, casting a path almost to my doorstep.  So this one was, on my scale, not so impressive, but, then again, not so bad for not so impressive is it!

Not great photos I know.  No excuses, my stupidity.  But a nice memory anyway…..and the very best thing is that I only had to walk for two minutes to get to the beach :=)


Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

2 thoughts on “Spring Moonrise

  1. finally – last night we saw the moon that has been so much in the news. a bit of an anti climax as the top right curve has now gone and it is not ‘full’ but was worth seeing all the same. still, I think part of the interest was all the stuff we have been bombarded with. I think what I’m try to express is, it’s not quite the same as stumbling upon a lovely sky, moon, sunset and just appreciating it for what it is!
    talking to a friend yesterday – she still thinks people and animals are ‘affected’ by the full mon (watch out for weir wolves then)

  2. It’s clear that it appeared bigger and brighter in some parts of the world than in others. It was kind of fun waiting for it, though. There were other photographers on the beach waiting, and one of them was phaffing about so much with his tripod I’m sure he missed it!

    Oh – I totally agree with your friend (but not in werewolves!). Whenever I have one of those chance nights when I can’t sleep for no good reason (i.e. not angsting about anything in particular like health or money) it unfailingly turns out to have been a full moon.

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