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I See a Full Moon Rising


Family stuff has kept me occupied this week, and there hasn’t been much time for anything else.  Happily always carrying my camera proved it’s worth the trouble again.  Coming home early evening yesterday.  I found the full moon, newly risen, casting a silver path on the ocean.  I used to see this kind of sight often when I lived down the road in Los Abrigos, where my window opened almost directly over the Atlantic.  Often wondered if I stepped out onto that path, where it might lead me.


Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

11 thoughts on “I See a Full Moon Rising

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  2. fabulously atmospheric. I too have been admiring the full moon. two nights ago it had a little mantle of stringy cloud. I always start trying to remember that poem – the moon was a ghostly galleon, tossed upon stormy seas etc etc ‘the highwayman’ I think?
    keep snapping, love the pictures!


      I haven’t thought about that probably since we last saw each other, what, 50+ years ago! Did we do that in school? Seems a bit bloodthirsty and even kinky!

      When I see a beautiful moon, I often wonder if people I know in other countries are watching the same sight. It often turns out that way.

      • I used to love our English teacher reading us great poems and also stories from Dickens, like the start of Great Expectations in the graveyard. don’t know that I actually learned anything other than to love descriptive writings! all the poetry my boys seemed to cover was the obligatory Wordsworth ‘daffoldils’ and collections of War poems. luckily I did spend some time reading Hiawatha to them at some point which they enjoyed. Don’t you just wonder what our teachers would have made of text speak, e mails and other such modernisms?

  3. Great shot -very atmospheric. The Moon was huge last night. As I was walking through the garden just after 9 it had just appeared over the hillside at Cuesta de la Villa – It was a moon straight out of tales of horror. Wonderful.

    • I’ve seen it like that in the past. Living in England I never knew that a moon could seem to be that huge and shiny! I watched it as I was being driven down the TF1 last evening, it was even more beautiful than the previous night, the clouds were very dramatic, but could hardly stop on the autopista to snap, and by the time I got home it had risen fully, and with my lenses wouldn’t have looked more than a pinprick on black velvet.

      The moon, beautiful though it is, is a temptress and seducer no wonder it is associated with horror stories!

      Did you know that Sophia Loren, asked by a reported that question the whole world wanted to know the answer to – why she had chosen Carlo Ponti when Cary Grant was crazy about her and had proposed – said that Cary Grant was the moon, but Carlo Ponti was the sun. I love that story on a lot of levels, and I often think about it when I see the moon looking like this.

  4. Had you followed that path, I think you would have been moonstruck.

    Beautiful photo! My husband and I have a thing about the movie Moonstruck, and have “many moons” in frames in our house, from places we’ve visited. I feel like I’ve visited Tenerife thanks to your post. If I make it there some day, I’d purchase a print from you!

    • Thank you. I once saw it setting from my window in Los Abrigos, and it literally took my breath away. I think I didn’t have a camera at the time, because I have no photos, and remembering scouring the internet to try to find something similar! Hope you make it one day. I would be great to meet you!

  5. There is something mysterious about moonlight.. it’s very alluring..

  6. I agree. I really feel sometimes that one could just step onto the ocean and that silver path would take you to the stars.

  7. amazing picture, what type of camera do you have?

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