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Beginning of an Island Day


This has been and uneventful week for me; oh, it’s included two visits to my favorite ice cream parlor (coming back slurping chocolate brownie and coffee ice creams respectively….. and now, of course, my hips hate me!); coffees, chats and chilling with friends, but nothing and nowhere which seems to me very interesting to anyone else – except perhaps my photo memories of one, particular morning. I’ve gotten into the habit of beginning to write after dinner, which, in turn had led to burning of midnight oil, and, subsequently rolling out of bed far too late. I’m an annoyingly early morning person by nature, and rousing myself at 9ish I feel cheated of my day, no matter how late I was the previous night, or will be that night.  When I realized that I had missed an especially gorgeous sunrise the other morning, I  determined to break this pattern . So, resolved to get back to my normal way of life, I cajoled a couple of friends into joining me to take some sunrise snaps from a vantage point in Valle San Lorenzo which offers a spectacular 360º panorama of the surrounding area. These were the results:

This view looking east towards where I live in El Médano (with a zoom I might even be able to identify my home) and Montaña Roja as the sun begins its ascent.

Panning west, the sunrise glow seeps along the horizon, the island of La Gomera emerges from the night, but Valle San Lorenzo, below us, is still in shadow.

Morning glow just glaces off El Teide and the surrounding peaks, as the valley still  slumbers.

With the rising sun the sky is a constantly changing vista of pastel colors, which flow from the sun, merge and melt into the atmosphere.

Cacti salute the dawn, as it spreads along the coast and highlights the volcanic folds of Montaña Guaza below.

That ball of fire is about to burn off the haze and become too bright to photograph, leaving me with just the memories.

Now mountains, valley, villages and fields warm to the sun, and it’s time for coffee :=)


Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

11 thoughts on “Beginning of an Island Day

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  2. Wonderful early morning sunrise shots – all of them. Worth getting up for!

  3. Lovely photos Linda – taken from La Centinela?

    • Yep. There is a barrier across, which presumably they put down late at night, but you can leave the car and still walk up. Thank you!

  4. Gorgeous sunrise shots! I’m lazy in the mornings, I get up early only when I have to go somewhere early. Left on my own (without the alarm clock set), I get up anywhere between 7:30 and 8:30.

    • Really I am perfectly suited to Spanish lifestyle i.e. taking an afternoon siesta. The high points of my day are early and late, but I lived far too long in England to be able to be comfortable with a regular siesta! I find myself feeling guilty!

  5. What is it about Tenerife?
    I have only been three times and will probably never get there agian but I miss it so much.
    Such a beautiful place.

    • I think it has such variety. I love the quieter islands very much, but am sure I’d miss the cultural life available here, and the buzz of Santa Cruz. Where did you go?

  6. I have mentioned before that I’m jealous, right? 😉

    • It’s mutual! My dream is to live by the sea in New England six months of the year, and travel the rest!

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