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Dramatic Skies on a Chill Early Evening


Someone I know posted a glorious picture of this morning’s sunrise in Tenerife, and I cursed my sloth in not getting up early enough.  I live right next to a beach which faces east, and I had a feeling last night that it was going to be good, but I allowed Morpheus to cajole me, and turned over when the alarm went off.

We had heavy rain again this afternoon.  No-one I speak to remembers so many days of consistently bad weather, or is it just nostalgia.  The period between Christmas and the end of January was gloriously sunny, in the south at least, and my photos taken in those weeks show unbroken, sapphire blue skies.  It’s true, though, that nights have seemed to be unusually cold, even when the days have been bright.  I certainly never before went out with the express purpose of buying fleecy pyjamas, which I did a few weeks back, and although my feet and body have been warm as toast as I sat just now watching a movie, my hands and nose are like ice, which is not normal for coastal living.  Could be, though, that I didn’t warm up from taking the photos below!

Having missed the sunrise I thought I’d idle down to Playa de las Americas and see if those clouds were going to be party to a spectacular sunset.  The rain had eased off, and I went to El Conquistador, where my sons used to surf.  Even if the sun let me down there might be waves.  Sun and waves were both a bit iffy, but the storm clouds were quite impressive, as you can see.  Truth be told, even though the winter has been a bit chilly, it does make a change from blue skies.  The sky was multiple shades of blue through grey through white and purple.  Maybe not so awesome as one of those scarlet sunsets, but pretty dramatic even so.

This channel has been cut through the sand and pebbles by excess rainwater, finding its way to the ocean, and the mountains, which are catching the very last glow of the sun are reflected.


Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

7 thoughts on “Dramatic Skies on a Chill Early Evening

  1. Beautiful photos, Linda. I remember that in the 18 months I was on Tenerife, it rained only once, but boy did it rain!!! Lost most of Las Vistas beach and there was flooding everywhere.

    • I can’t believe that you were only here for 18months. I seems like much longer – meant in the nicest possible way! It seems to be that’s the way it used to be one or two tropical-style downpours, then out came the sun, and steam would rise as the earth dried out, but now it’s more frequent but less heavy.

  2. You must have seen the mountains this morning with their new mantle of sparkling snow! But have you seen how far down the snow has fallen? Surely Vilaflor must have a carpet of the stuff this morning?

  3. Great photos, the last one looks ominous.

    • Thank you. It was! It was just heavy rain down here on the coast, but plenty of snow up in the mountains. Sadly, they’ve taken to closing the roads whenever it snows these days, so no photo ops :=(

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