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That Was My Year That Was


If you spend too much time thinking about the past you don’t move on, so my usual “thing” the past couple of years has been to post a small collage of photos of my past year – pictures, 1,000 words and all that.

2010 was a year of change for me, that’s for sure.  It was the end of dead-end jobs for one thing, and the sense of relief, of not having to kow-tow to stupidity, greed, bad manners and arrogance still tickles me from time to time.  I love change, standing still soon palls.  Maybe that’s why I enjoyed being a mom so much.  Lots of people look on parenthood as being the end of adventures and stuff, but for me it was a beginning of them.  No two days are ever the same with kids, and you discover the new world along with them.  The things you learned, and thought would forever remain so,  at their age, did, in fact, change and a whole, new world unfolds day by day.  Once they’ve flown the nest it’s hard to realize that it’s up to you to find the next adventure!

I’m not sure if I handled my freedom as well as I should have done this year.  I did a couple of courses, but over the last four or five years I’ve always studied on top of working, so that’s not new.  Still, and all, I’m quite pleased with the results, even if, as always back in school, I “could have done better if I’d tried harder”.  Hope that I can make 2011 the year I grow out of  THAT one!

The photography course was marvellous.  The Canon EOS 500D was the best thing I bought for myself, probably ever!  Still findig my way around it, that’s for sure.  I put more time into this blog, and enjoyed it hugely.  It’s brought me all sorts of pleasure in addition to that of writing.

I didn’t travel far, but I didn’t expect to, and I did discover new places in familiar territory, as I hoped to do, thus proving the adage that life’s a journey not a destination quite happily. Determined to discover new things I found them both here, on the island, and in England, so you don’t always have to go so far. Much of the spirit of adventure and curiosity is in the mind already, and it’s opening your mind to what’s around you that is key. The place which delighted me most turned out to be around 70 miles, as the crow flies, from where I was born! There is some sort of lesson there somewhere, but I refuse to believe that it says that there is no point in travelling! I’ve been static for five years now, except for odd trips, and it’s too much. Ok, there were a couple of those years there where I wouldn’t have been anywhere else in the world, but things change – always.

Friendships deepened, finances did the opposite. I moved back to El Médano, and that was a wise thing, even the other day I found myself calming down as I returned to town after a frustrating time in Los Cristiano, and El Médano’s karma did its trick. There have been some health worries mine and those I love, but they seem to be resolving ok. I lost some weight, but not so much as hoped.

I can’t use the word “met” but I was in the presence of two of my personal heroes, Richard Branson and Baltasar Garzón, neither disappointed in the slightest in what they said, the way they said it, or how they seemed to be…..that is men of ideals, principles and optimism both.

It was, however, my sons who gave me my best moments, and made me prouder than ever, marathons, triathlons, work and how they are facing this difficult time. They refuse to let things get them down, and tackle life head on with enthusiasm and determination. They are my inspiration.


Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

8 thoughts on “That Was My Year That Was

  1. A very happy new year, and I hope 2011 brings you all you wish.

  2. Thank you, Janet, and the same to you!!! Hope this year is full of happiness, success and lots of fun! We must get a coffee soon?? I have family here still, but soon, yes?

  3. wishing you and yours a very Happy and Healthy New Year. when a year begins we have such hopes for it, like we have a clean sheet. A bit like the start of the long summer break from school. what will we do with it all?? then before we know it starts to fly by.
    love the collage of photos, you look so well Linda and your sons so handsome. keep enjoying life and sharing it with others!
    love C

  4. This is indeed soo true “life’s a journey not a destination”. Good photographs, I think you can see the change as you worked harder at your photography and learned more. I hope you continue with it, photography is so important to documenting travel adventures and life in general, nothing like being able to look back at a moment captured in time.

    • Thank you so much. As you know, there is nothing like encouragement to firm resolve! Loving your latest post. Haven’t read it all yet, but am so in tune with the parts I’ve read so far – and your philosophy!

  5. Beautiful photos. You look like you have had a wonderful year. I totally agree with your thoughts on parenthood. I love being a parent, each day brings with it a new adventure. I love how your children inspire you! I would have to say that Richard Branson is also a favourite hero of mine too. I love how down to earth he is. He seems so friendly and approachable. He epitomizes youthful spirit

  6. Thank you for the compliment. It was a huge improvement on 2009! I can promise you that every minute up to when you have to let them go their own way is just as exciting and wonderful as when they are little! Just different.

    Branson did seem just like that. It was at the press conference before the London Marathon (which Guy was doing, I hasten to add, not me!), and he was SO passing the limelight to the other young people with him. Not living in England for so long am not sure who they were now, but he seemed to almost dodge the spotlight. Kicked myself for not going to say something to him afterwards, because several people did! He’s SO positive too.

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