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Not the Lunar Eclipse


I had the alarm all set.  It seemed quite reasonable – 6am.  Only a half hour earlier than my alarm usually summons me from slumber.  As my mind began to clear and register that the alarm was going off, it also registered how very dark it seemed, and for a moment scenes from last night’s movie, “Tron: Legacy”, swirled around my brain in tandem with visions of the moon and shadows and eclipses.  It was then that my inner sloth surfaced first, told me if I’ve seen one, I’ve seen them all, and my arm fumbled out, hit the alarm, and I turned over.  It was light and sunny when I woke eventually.  I missed the lunar eclipse.

Justifying my laziness during the day, I convinced myself that really it was all a fuss over nothing.  Morning tv camped out with the astronomers on Mt Teide, my Facebook homepage full of grainy pictures of the event, and Twitter, well, twittering about it.  So the earth’s shadow passed between the moon and the sun, this has WHAT impact on our lives?  Changes WHAT in the world’s plight?  It’s a phenomenon that happens now and then.  We aren’t pre-historic people believing it’s the end of the world or anything.  It’s not like a meteor shower that won’t be around again for another forty years.

The last time it happened saw me at the base of Mt Teide with friends and hot chocolate.  It was exactly 0º, and the atmosphere was something like a party, as dozens of people who’d driven up waited with bated breath, and a silence fell as what, indeed, seemed like a supernatural happening began.  The previous time saw me and Guy wrapped in our duvets lying on sunbeds on our terrace.  That was my first, so it was pretty exciting.

As today wore on I had pretty much convinced myself that sitting on my roof terrace at 6am, duvet and sunbed again, was an event worth missing.  That was until I was out Christmas shopping this evening.  I thought I’d snap the Christmas lights and the belen in Los Cristianos, but I got far more than I expected.  I left the church square and all the pretty lights, and turned to the shopping streets.  Halfway down Avendia de Suecia I turned to see how the street lights looked, and instead what drew my attention was the moon, huge and incandescent, its glow reflecting off wisps of cloud, and far outshining man’s paltry attempts at radiance.  The photos don’t do it justice by any stretch of the imagination.  It was majestic, a reminder of this world’s natural beauty, and now I SO wish I’d bothered to get up to watch the eclipse!


Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

4 thoughts on “Not the Lunar Eclipse

  1. well – I got up somehow – complete fluke – for the right time! moon shining brightly as it bobbed behind a dark cloud never to reappear. just watched it on t.v. instead. now this morning there was the moon clear and bright – no cloud but a day too late. BUGGER!
    my prep – mince pies and almond tarts made, huge ham baked and half eaten already LOL! Merry Christmas and a Happy Birthday!

  2. It’s been quite remarkable how many friends, the worldover, or at least in the northern hemisphere have commented on how especially beautiful the moon was last night. There is some meaning there, but I’m too tired and too full of a wonderful, Canarian malvasia to articulate it right now!

    Soldier on with the prep!! How do you like your wine? I’llbring you a bottle next year!

    Just in case I get waylayed (? spelling) have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY too!!! Tomorrow begins the annual paternal inspection. La plus ça change, la plus c’est la même chose!

    • Thanks Linda – and very good luck with the inspection. Pleasurable but nerve wrecking all at the same time.
      Inside I am still a little girl seeking mother’s approval on my cooking, greenery, tree, house in general. And you KNOW how old I am -so dumb or what???
      Mine’s a full bodied red BTW!!

      • Making a note in my diary. Full bodied reds are plentiful here ;=)

        Gave up the approval seeking years ago,btw, makes life so much easier!

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