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Yesterday’s Sunset


There are days which are just a mess of rage and frustration and fear.  Such a day was mine yesterday (more about that another time), but then, again, there are times when it was all worthwhile because fate brought you, however briefly, to just the right place at the right time, as you can see.  This was the sun setting on a hopeless kind of day, and somehow making it all right.

Dusk falls over Los Cristianos.  Taken from outside El Mojon Health Center

I love that reflection of clouds on the ocean.

The sun begins to emerge from the first layer of clouds, before slipping behind the lower layer.

As the sun returns, briefly, the grass at my feet is caught in its final glow.

The island of La Gomera shimmers on the horizon.

And if you look closely, you can see that the setting sun brings the island of El Hierro into focus too.


Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

9 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Sunset

  1. Hope everything is OK. Skype me.


    • Raging against the medical machine. These shots were taken from outside local medical center, which is why I was in right place at right time. Nothing serious, don’t worry! At least I assume it isn’t since I actually had an appointment with a consultant yesterday which, apparently, was simply to make an appointment for March…….which is why I was frustrated. System here sucks! I’ll ring you tomorrow. Thanks x

  2. I love the sun on the grass – that’s a wonderful shot. It was a beautiful sunset last night.

    • Thanks. I had to take about 20 just to get one worthwhile, but I like it too, so it was worth it. I must say the one and only thing I miss about living in Los Cristianos is the sunsets at this time of year!

  3. Beautiful photos! I’m glad at least the sunset cooperated and turned the day (night?) around for you.

  4. amazing just how quickly the pleasure of a trip can be turned around by normal life getting going again (or not as the case seems)
    hope tomorrow brings some rays of sunshine to warm your bones
    photos amazing especially the grass.

  5. Thank you – it never used to happen here. For years and years I used to remark that it was always a pleasure to return to the island, but things change I guess.

    Are you still in plaster??? Am dying to hear about your trip!

    • hospital today. clinic running late etc etc. no one getting sent for x rays in advance of apts so all disorganised. good news is all is healing well and must keep physio going to make sure things don’t get seized up. never had plaster, just an immobiliser type sling, as the break too close to the shoulder joint. don’t go back until February but pyhsio every week. lots of aching as I’m doing lots of exercises. tried driving but still not easy to reach indicators so more work needed to improve that. what trip?? forgotten everything except too hot to hike. Blue Ridge Mountains different tones of landscape would not be photographed to good effect so take my word, very spectacular. Oh yes – Appomatax – very good, interesting, moving place to visit, then you realise as with many such places it has all been rebuilt and is not origanl but still gave a good flavour of ‘place were history happened’

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