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Strange Weather


This was how it began.  I have no view from this apartment, but I took this from the roof terrace a few evenings back.  The clouds are beginning to pile up, and they reflect the setting sun – just a hint of what was to come, which is:

This was Las Vistas Beach when I passed this evening around 7.30.  Thunder-grey, storm clouds pass thickly over neighboring island, La Gomera, and yachts sit it out just outside the bay.  This time of year you see yachts in all the bays on this coast.  Most are waiting.  Soon the hurricane season will be over, and they will be heading out, across the Atlantic on their adventures…..

Usually, when we have heavy clouds and storm warnings the weather roars in from the Atlantic.  Here, in El Médano, where we are almost always buffetted by north east winds we are becalmed, and the sunniest, west coast takes the brunt of the elements.  At the moment, though, there is apparently a mysterious calm everywhere in the south.  I went into Los Cristianos tonight to eat, expecting wind and maybe rain, but I found the same conditions I’d left behind.  Like the yachts we wait.

Clearly it was nice enough earlier in the day for kids to play on the beach :=)


Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

3 thoughts on “Strange Weather

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  2. Wow, that’s moody. It’s incredible when it can be like that on one side of the island and clear as a bell on the other.

  3. I know! After 23 years I should be used to it, but it always surprises me! The same night, after eating outdoors (well, under a toldo), i.e. it was, indeed, moody, but warm and humid. I set off back along the autopista to Médano. When I neared Las Chafiras the first raindrops hit the windscreen, and in the distance I could see the inevitable flashing lights……always accidents in the rain, will they never learn to be more careful on roads which have been cracking with heat for months, and tires which haven’t been wet in the same time?? Looked like something had happened as someone/thing exited Las Chafiras, so I decided maybe the safer way was on the coast road, so I left the autopista, and just after Los Abrigos….no rain, quite dry. Just so odd in such a small area.

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