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Rapid Roundup of the Week That Was


I love writing, otherwise, why on earth do I  sweat away at a computer (and you might be surprised at how much extra heat this laptop gives out on an already claggy evening!), when I could be sipping a glass of cold, white wine whilst reading “Candide” (just one of the 6 or so books I have on the go at the moment!).  I have a lot of lost time to make up for in this regard, however, there are times when it’s just……..well, I don’t know, too much, and tonight is one of those times, so here is my cryptic view of the week and some photos to go with it.

How do they know this is the exact cannon which “blew off his arm”………explanations to follow in the week.

Good experiences of the week:

“Inception” …….. still mulling it all over.  Loved it.  Would go see it again right now if I could!

Pinolere……..small village with a big idea which has mushroomed and mushroomed over the years, and a terrific day…..also more later.

Finca again – this is now a normal part of my week, and I get the same little twinges of delight every time I wander amongst the fields of veggies :=)  Being in the north a lot of late, where it is much lusher, made me realize over again, how difficult it must be for them to grow and tend to crops in the desert terrain of the south.

Reaffirmed it was a good decision to come live in El Médano – nothing’s perfect, but atmosphere here is so great.  Kudos to the town hall for organizing such great events all summer.

Learned a lot about the history of Santa Cruz, which I will endeavor to impart in as interesting manner as possible soon – I know not everyone is a history buff :=)

I get brownie points for:

Booking my eye test.

Battling with the town hall.

Starting the trials which make up the well-woman check – round one, blood tests, check…..watched it all and did not flinch once, never could have done that at one time!

Only having two ice creams all week :=)

Bad experience of the week:

Am responsible for the death of thousands……..of ants that is.  Invaded.  Fed up.  Hate killing things (‘cept roaches and flies) but this is getting ridiculous.

Litter, litter everywhere – in the historical remains of Santa Cruz, on the beach here in El Médano and in Pinolere – sad and sorry cases of people not giving a fig for their surroundings or for other people.  No pride. Feh!

Pet peeve today – WHY do they allow hunting in the Teide National Park?  Isn’t in dangerous when it is a tourist mecca?  And do UNESCO approve of this?

But to finish on a happier note – variety of architecture noticed this week:

The splendid Auditorio de Tenerife

Seafront bar, where I had a cold beer on a hot day in El Médano

This tiny church shrine squeezed in between buildings on a hillside in Pinolere


Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

5 thoughts on “Rapid Roundup of the Week That Was

  1. busy busy busy! Litter is dreaful and here too blots otherwise perfect places. In Lytham an admirable group of like minded individuals meet on Mondays and clean the beach (well if you know Lytham – the bit of mud and gravel down the steps from the green). I usually see them taking their well earned coffee and chatting afterwards. They turn a dull job into a social occasion and go home feeling smug presumably!
    Now that people here do on the whole bag up dog muck, the problem is where they put it next. a sneaky solution is anywhere that no one sees them do it, alleyways, bushes etc, and since it is in a bag it stays around for longer than stuff just left to naturally vanish with rain etc. I realise that when there is no rain plus heat then that is not good!

  2. Wow, kudos to the Lytham group. Do you live there now? Coincidentally, as I picked up a beer bottle, tossed on the ground close to the recycling/rubbish area, and popped it in the bin it crossed my mind to take an extra bag and clear up my dog-walking route, but I realized the enormity of it and decided no!

    I have been on beach cleans, the latest just a couple of weeks ago, but would you believe that politics gets in the way of doing that in some places? My lips are necessarily sealed on that issue, but I might just opt out and then I can open my mouth.

    Disposing of the dog muck, ironically, is easier here. Rubbish is emptied on a daily basis, and there are dumpsters on every street corner in most municipalities. It’s the abundance of these which makes the problem even more maddening! Also ironically, in some ways it is less of a problem because of the lack of rain. It dries up very quickly in the heat.

  3. Inception – definitely worth a second viewing. I think I just about managed to keep track. I still have unanswered questions – that last shot…hmm. Thought provoking on a number of levels. Loved it.

    • I can’t wait for it to come out on dvd, so I can watch it slowly and thoughtfully, now that I’ve seen the special effects on the begin I can concentrate on the story! Don’t you think that last bit was so you could make up your own mind, according to how you like your endings? That said, I was talking to a friend about it the other night, and she has an altogether different theory, one I’d never thought of, and I daren’t say what it is here, because I know people who haven’t seen it yet, and I don’t want to spoil it!

  4. I’m intrigued, you’ll have to share next time we meet. It’s difficult to talk about it at all without giving something away, but you could be right about the last bit – I know how I want to read it, but I’m torn. I reckon Christopher Nolan was having a final bit of fun with us. Brilliant.

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