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Just An Evening Stroll in El Médano

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Although I experiment with enthusiasm in winter, summer is just too hot for me to want to spend much time in the kitchen, hence my surprise and delight at how quick and delicious the stir fry I made tonight was……totally due to the amazingly fresh veggies I picked up at the finca Monday.  Only trouble was I ate too much, and it left me craving the perfect dessert whatsmore, so that’s when I thought of puttering down to the town square to watch a Gaucho Show, no less, and stopping off to buy an ice cream on the way back.

This week Las Noches de Sansofé are bringing us folklore from around the world.  I missed the inaugural concert last night, and hadn’t really planned on going tonight.  It really doesn’t kick of until Friday, and none of  my friends was tempted, work tomorrow etc etc (ah there are some pleasures in being unemployed!), but I was feeling so full that I knew I had to do something other than watch “Blue Planet” again, which is what I’d planned.

Stepping out into the mellow night air was pleasant.  I tend to walk Trix before nightfall if possible, because she jumps at shadows, so it can be fraught walking her in the dark.  The daytime wind had dropped away, and the streets were full of people just meandering around, families, lovers, kids on skates and skateboards and bikes, most of them heading down to the square.  When I got down there the seawall was covered, as usual with the wares being offered by hippie community, and beach volley game was in progress.

Over in the square the MC was warming the audience up, and people wandered over to take their seats.  Tonight’s speciality was a group from Uruguay, billed as a Gaucho Show.  They were entertaining, and funny with it, and had the audience hanging on their every word or movement.

I looked around at the crowd, sitting not only on the chairs provided but on the walls and steps all around the square, as well as in the couple of bars there, it seemed to me that the whole town was out, and especially a large  Uruguayan contingent judging from the whistles and loud clapping from one, particular section.

I know lots of these people are here on vacation, and I couldn’t help but think how different this was from being in Las Americas the other week.  There, people trudged along looking a bit bewildered, dragging bored kids, as if finding somewhere to eat was a chore.  Most of the entertainment offered in the restaurants and bars is pretty mundane (there had been a lady flautist where we ate, nice, but just background music.  I didn’t even think of it in terms of entertainment).  Here in El Médano, even if you are a stranger, these Noches de Sansofé really do work a magic which makes you feel welcome, and a part of the scene.  These people, surely, must go away really feeling relaxed and refreshed after their stay here.

Strolling back, mouth watering in anticipation of the ice cream to come, I stopped to snap this mime artist.  OK – I know they’re corny if you’ve travelled a bit, but I loved watching the face of a little girl who had obviously not seen one before.  She was just spellbound, and when I popped a couple of coins in his cup, he responded, to my surprise, with a lovely smile and a “Gracias”!

Now, Heladeria, or I should say, Gelateria (because the ice cream is Italian, although the owner is a lovely, Spanish girl, and friend of Austin’s) Demaestri is going to be my downfall.  Austin mentioned to me that Marile had opened it a few weeks ago, but I kept forgetting to go.  My hips will live to regret the day I did a couple of weeks back!  I’m, working my way through the flavors, and all, so far, have been to die for!  Not so exotic as these, which Barbara Weibel of Hole in the Donut discovered in Mexico, but, well, the best in these parts, and I do not say that because she is a friend of Austin!  You know how there are brownies, and then, there are PERFECT brownies?  Well, their brownie ice cream is like a perfect, frozen brownie – I salivate at the thought!  I can also recommend the white chocolate and the Malaga (the name in Spain for Rum and Raisin), and for flavors a bit more on the unusual side – cinnamon (more salivating) and one made with soya, which I now forget the exact mix of flavors, but do remember the yumminess!

I will always be curious about what’s over the hill.  That’s one thing I know about myself.  Already six months back here, and I am thinking about packing and a bit more downsizing, but I also know how very lucky I am to be living here right now.  Let me see – fresh veggies, scrumptious ice cream, free entertainment, wonderful ambience, warm night breeze, and, let’s be honest, there could have been more had I wanted it, a glass of chilled, local, Malvasia perhaps as I sat in a bar with the waves lapping the walls?……nah, that would have been too much!


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