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Nicholas Kristof’s Father

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I became a huge fan of Nicholas Kristof’s writing in the NYT some while back, and thanks to Facebook and Twitter and the internet age in general, it is much easier now to just click and read.  It’s not only his writing I admire, it’s his whole ethos, how he wants to draw our attention to things in the world which are wrong, but which we can change if we all pull together.  I admire what he does, how he does it, and why he does it, I suppose you could say.

Last year I read the book he co-wrote with his wife, Sheryl WuDunn “Half the Sky“.  If I could only keep one book forever from my collection, that would be the one.  It is harrowing and inspiring by turns, which is, of course, what they intended.  It tells of awful injustice in the world, but how it is possible to overcome it too.  It just came out in paperbook too.  I know I sound like an ad for this book, but I don’t even do Amazon ads or anything  – yet.  I just really, really think everyone in the “West” should read this book, especially women.

Anyhoo, point of this post is that Nicholas Kristof’s father died this week.  If I were American, maybe I would have heard of him, but I hadn’t till now —-  what an AMAZING man (so now I know where his son gets it from), and I wonder if they actually do make men like this any longer?


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