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Lemurs and Logging

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A couple of weeks ago, as part of the photography course I am doing, we went to a small, local zoo.  The highlight for me was when, as I sat quietly on a low wall, one of these extraordinarily peaceful and cuddlesome creatures slid onto my lap, followed by another, and then another, until I had the three of them perched like pet cats.  It was a kind of honor that they would choose to sit on me!  They weren’t even begging like the mischevious capuchins with whom they shared space.  As one ambled off another took its place, so for quite a while I felt as if I almost didn’t dare to breathe in case they deserted me.  Cheeky capuchins I’d had interaction with before, but this was the first time with lemurs.  They just oozed good karma.

Here they are (right) queuing up to sit with me.  After a short while I stopped trying to snap in favor of absorbing a bit of lurve!

After that experience, I found this internet story even more upsetting than I would have done before (and I would have!)

They exist (outside of zoos) only on the island of Madagascar, which, aside from recent political troubles, is one of those tragic places on the planet suffering deforestation and illegal logging, so loss of habitat is causing much suffering.  Not only that, but they are now being hunted as bushmeat by a population in deep poverty.  I can’t get my head around that.  They were so gentle, which must make them easy prey and very vulnerable.  Heck, I know there are bigger problems on the planet than the loss of a species right now, but I suppose we call choose our “causes”.  There are too many, but this is one of mine from here on.


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