Exploring the Stories of the Islands and the Freedoms of Third Age

It’s All In The Mind

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Who was it said that life is a journey and not a destination?  Well, we all know the wisdom in that, don’t we, so it occurs to me that bemoaning the frustrations of being static is a negative way of looking at the here and now.  This being here is a part of the journey, though one which is, perhaps, less intense, less exciting than finding the unknown at every turn.  Which  is not to say that the future doesn’t hold miraculous, new discoveries far afield.  It is just to say that more positive energy is going to come about by treating this time as a part of the journey.  OK it has turned out to be something different from anticipated, but I would changed very, very little of the last four years if I could go back in time.  Perhaps a realization of the changing tide of my life should have come sooner, but then, it didn’t so here I am, here and now.

There is as much wonder here as there is in a million other places, and there are thousands of facets to these islands (let alone this island) that I have never explored, and so since funds are excruciatingly limited right now (we won’t go there, that’s the negative) I will explore the possibilities which begin on my own doorstep, and I will spread out from there, and one day I will be able to take flight.


Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

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