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A Blue Day


In theory I was househunting today, but the sky and the ocean were so stunningly clear and blue I had to take some time for snaps.

I’m kind of back to plan B.  Los Cristianos is becoming less and less appealing, although I can make lots of  logical reasons for staying (I have friends here or within easy reach; almost everything is within easy walking distance, as I found out when my wrist was broken;  Geert’s lovely bar is my “local”; buses are easy if the car breaks down), and as soon as I was within five minutes of Él Médano on the coast road my heart lifted and felt free, and logic seemed less important.

It isn’t set in stone as yet, but this week is decision time.   And reasons for plumping for Él Médano?  These pictures apart, because arugeably you could say that recent snaps of Los Cristianos have been quite nice too, the atmostphere is more “real”.  It’s a town where people live and enjoy themselves, where neighbours know each other, even though it is growing fast, and it looks like the future may be bringing tourism in bigger numbers, but for now it is quiet enough.   There are great places to eat and drink.  If anything it reminds me of an “old fashioned” holiday resort.  The beaches are full of people doing things, kids playing, kite surfers, wind surfers, old ladies bathing, gorgeous young people playing bat and ball, unlike the tourist beaches where fat bellies roasting are the order of the day.  I know I’m making sweeping statements here, and I am looking for reasons for my head to rule my heart – but do you know, whenever in life I’ve let that happen it hasn’t worked out.  The best things have been the instinctive “go for it” things.


Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

2 thoughts on “A Blue Day

  1. You haven’t really said what’s wrong with Los Cristianos – maybe you did in an earlier post, but I missed it. I’m lazy; I don’t like to pack up and move unless I absolutely have to!

    Your photos are lovely!

  2. I am not so much a fan of the packing and moving part as of exploring new places and ways of looking at life. I learned so much from two years living on the harbor of Los Abrigos!

    There is nothing, actually, “wrong” with Los Cristianos, it is a good place to be on several levels, and has been perfect for the three of us during this “back to the nest” time. Oddly, I don’t even mind the tourists too much, what I don’t like about living here is the huge British ex-pat community. There is an arrogance, a kind of sneering at anything Canarian, a refusal to learn the language, a laziness of attitude which makes me embarrassed to be British. I know that a) not all British ex-pats in this town are like that, and that b) these people are not necessarily representative of British people in general, but they do have a reputation here, and I hate to be thought of collectively with them.

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