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Moving On

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Well, here we go again – on the move.  I knew that our sojourn in Los Cristianos would be short, a year to 8 months, and 8 months it has been.  Guy flew to England yesterday to start a whole, new chapter in life, and Austin flew back from Santa  Lucia last week to begin one too with Camille.  All of which leaves me and Trix alone again.

Hey now – I didn’t mean that to sound melancoly.  I could give you just as many reasons for enjoying living alone as for living en famille, once one’s brood is adult!  This has been a moment in time, so it isn’t so much an empty nest feeling as, yep, that new chapter feeling.  I learned a lot of stuff this time.

The packing is a doddle now.  The downsizing, which has effectively taken 7 years, bit by bit, finally pays off, and there appears to be surprisingly little to wrap and pack.  Most of it is already done, all that is left is to find a place to place our heads……now let me see…….where to choose is the question……watch this space!

Nowhere is perfect, maybe even those places I dream about aren’t, but when I think about the variety I have to choose from here I am grateful.  Sunrise or sunset?  Ocean or mountains?  Village or town?  And all within reasonable travelling distance of where I am working.

Trixy knows as soon as the first packing case or suitcase comes out, but this one is confusing her a bit.  People going.  People coming.  People going!   Hoping to find somewhere with some good walks….I need ….we both need the exercise!


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Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

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