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Oh To Be In The Fortunate Isles Now That Winter’s Here

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We complain about the high winds (85 kph last night), moan about the rain (on and off all day the last, two days), and we grumble about the absence of sunshine. Then we take a look at the t.v. as we settle down to dinner, and realize how extraordinarily fortunate we are to live in this climate. Despite the aforementioned whinges my son and his friend came back from surfing as the sun sank into the ocean; I was working in a sleeveless sweater all day; I had to take off my very lightweight raincoat when I got to the car because I was too hot, and I sit here now in a kaftan, just a tad too warm, no heating necessary btw.

Actually, watching the snowball fight in New York on the internet, or seeing the stunning pictures of frozen trees and winter wonderlands I could be jealous….how cool would it be to be able to jet over just for the few days this weather lasts, and then return to the warm :=) But ask me how much I hate that it is just about dark at 6pm, and then figure out how much more I would hate it if it had been dark since 4 pm or even 3, and you might not get a very polite reply.

If I were rich I think I would like to follow weather, to be able to go wherever in the world the weather suited my soul or mood at the time, spend Christmas in Vermont, New Year’s Eve in Times Square and then wheel away to thaw out in Southern climes. In the absence of wealth though, this most pleasant climate in these most fortunate isles will do very nicely.

Oh – and it does mean sunsets like the one pictured here – which was last evening. You can see how the moody clouds are swept up by the winds, and you should be able to still make out how the ocean is churning.


Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

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