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Post Thanksgiving Ramblings

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This was Austin this afternoon, as you can see, not forgetting Guy’s birthday, even though he is in the middle of the North Atlantic.  This warmed my heart no end, as you can imagine.  Firstly, that I can see his smile via the wonders of modern technology, and secondly that in the midst of his adventure he remembered Guy’s birthday.

I have always hankered to celebrate Thanksgiving.  As my friend, Louise, said on Facebook, it seems like such a worthwhile festival celebrating the best things in our lives.  Of course, other than the year I was in the US at the right time, there was no-one here of the same mindset until Guy’s return this year, so, finally,  I got to celebrate at home in what seems to be the traditional way.

Other than a distinct absence of pecans in Tenerife I found all the right ingredients for dinner, and my addiction to candied yams, sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie is now official.  I also did a broccoli casserole which was very “American” i.e. lots of cheese and crushed crackers on the top.  The whole, glorious meal was colesterol heaven, and absolutely wonderful!

Of course the day set me thinking of  things to be thankful for, which always brings on the warm fuzzies, doesn’t it.   Already in a pretty good mood since seeing the doctor the previous day (and seeing light at the end of the broken-wrist saga tunnel!) , I had a nostalgic stroll down memory lane and came up with some good stuff.

That Austin and Guy are who they are, however, far eclipsed all other memories.  As today is Guy’s birthday more memories surfaced.  On their birthdays I always kind of go back over the hours around their births…, overpowering happiness, but that they should go on to grow up to be the people they are today is the greatest pleasure of all.






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