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Thoughts on the New Apartment

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Interior of complex. View from our terrace.

This was a move only half my heart and mind wanted. That I will be sharing space again with my sons thrills me. It wasn’t something I expected, and I know it will be a moment in time, so I hope to enjoy every minute, until our roads take us in different directions again.

Leaving living at the beach has been difficult though, even though, I resent the stiff breeze which was whipping around Sotavento when I returned for the final packages the other day.

Here I step outside the door in the morning with Trixy, and wonder where the heck we should go. We amble down to the Promenade which winds along the shoreline and down to the harbor, and it seems far too tame. Close to the apartment the beach is rocky and narrow, and further down, where it widens into a tourist beach, dogs, of course, are not allowed. If we wander in the other direction we can very quickly leave the cement behind, and scramble onto what must have been a finca in the past, where crumbled terraces blend into the rocky terrain, and rabbits scurry as we approach. This doesn’t sound so bad, except that the fumbled tents and tarpaulins dotted around tell me that people are sharing this area with the birds and rabbits, which is not to say that I believe all homeless people to be dangerous, but I am prudent and walk in another direction. This is not La Tejita nor Playa Achile, where Trix could run and I could paddle, and I had no fear of the tent and cave dwellers.

Dog walking aside, the apartment is nice. It is light and spacious, but at the moment gets no direct sunlight, which is great for keeping cool now that Summer approaches. It overlooks the interior of the complex, which is green and pleasant. I am told the pool is nice, but I’m not a swimming pool person. The layout of the apartment is good, we shouldn’t be tripping over each other too much, which should make for easier living. The furnishings are adequate, cheered up by some throws and bits and pieces I cling to still. There is video security on the front door, which is, of course, a bonus, and we have a chemist, an expensive supermarket and a decent Chinese restaurant around the corner. It takes me five minutes to get to work and park up, or around 12 to walk, although arriving hot and sticky is not a good idea. Summer does seem to have arrived in the South of island at least.

It strikes me that living in such a close environment will get to be claustrophobic, and I must guard against that. Driving from Los Cristianos to Él Médano each day disconnected me from work, whereas here, it seems we are in the middle of the client base! Still, we shall keep ourselves to ourselves no doubt, neighbourwise. I am saving probably around €10 a week in gas, so I must keep that in mind.

As I write, I can hear gulls circling above and the deep, echoing blasts of the ferry’s horn as it eases out of the harbor. I love these sounds. They speak of the ocean, of course, and the boat is calling me to travel……..


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Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

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