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IMHO Susan Boyle

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I can’t remember the last time there was so much fuss in the media, not that she doesn’t deserve it, because if this is what she wants then she richly deserves it. Not being a fan of either tv talent shows nor media “human interest” stories normally, I avoided logging on to YouTube this week, but was finally won over by comments on a friend’s blog. So glad I did, of course, Ms Boyle has the most beautiful voice, and her lovely personality is a joy, and I enjoyed it hugely…….not least watching the comeuppance of those shiney, young bimbos in the audience (oops, this whole thing is partly about not judging a book by its cover, and there I go doing just that!)…….I enjoyed even more her rendition of “Cry Me a River” (one of my favorite songs) which was all over the internet today. I am overjoyed for her, and I wish her lots of happiness and future success.

That said, there is another reason this story is so huge today. The entire world is facing one of the biggest crisises ever known, we are depressed, we are gloomy, we are down. People who thought they were about to enjoy a comfortable retirement are left to scrape by. Young people who should be enjoying the first pleasures of wage earning are “hanging” at the unemployment office. The situation is provoking violence and crime and suicides. The media screams headline after scary headline, so it is ironic that they have fed us this antidote too.

We needed a hero, someone who has beaten incredible odds to show us that it is possible, that anything is possible, as the gurus tell us….if you believe, if you want enough. Susan Boyle wanted it enough and she did it. We look at this middle aged woman, who has nothing in outward appearance other than a friendly smile, and we see ourselves. Even those lip-glossed and heavily-mascared bimbos in the audience feel that way inside. Then she opens her mouth and sheer beauty flows out, and that is how we would like to be, and we are thinking – “If she can do it, so can I”. Maybe we don’t want to sing, or be famous, but we can be the best mom in the world, we can pass that exam, we can do a better job or we can make the football team.

We already had proof of this in Barack Obama, but now he is, actually, is, President of the United States, and we are a bit awed. But Susan Boyle is on our level. She is ordinary.

So not only does she give us this marvellous gift of enjoyment, but she gives us hope too, and we most certainly do need that.


Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

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