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It’s Raining

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You’d be surprised how often I have a yen for rain, or frost, or snow. Most people envy dwellers in places with a subtropical climate, and most of the time I wonder if I could ever survive again farther North. Right now I am fixated by rain trickling down my windowpane. It’s the sort of rain I think of a English, Spring rain, not too heavy, but giving the earth a good soaking.

Weather only makes the news when it’s bad, doesn’t it; when mud slides bury houses, or snow causes chaos on the roads, or hurricanes ruin lives. This gentle rain which is showering the gardens outside my balcony isn’t likely to make the news, but in a few days it will transform this corner of the island.

Christmas Eve we saw the first real rain in a couple of years. It bounced off the hardened ground and then carried the top layer of soil away with it, to slime over roads and walkways. A few days later it came again, but this time the land was ready, prepped by the first rains it welcomed the drenching, and absorbed it greedily. Within days small, green shoots were scattering the rocky ground.

Urged on by this latest, gentle wetting and the sunny forecast for the beginning of next week more will appear, and they will grow and flourish and spread until they realize that there is no more water. Then the sun and the wind will scorch them and leave them for dead until the rain comes again, whenever.

Living in this semi-desert climate in the South of Tenerife it’s easy to imagine how crops can wither, and how cruel life can be in drier regions of the globe. Rain has toyed with us a few times, but hasn’t really let us have it in around two years. Everywhere I walked of late was parched and crisp. We have SO needed this! And so the cycle continues…….for the time being at least.

Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

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