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So, ok, here goes nothing


This year has seen several changes in my life. There have been lots of comings and goings, in a way that’s island life. People do arrive and leave much more than they do in, say, a normal, mainland Europe town.

There is something in the air right now. A restlessness? Even one young man I know who is very much an islander in one sense, coming from one of the smaller islands, is planning to leave. Islands have limits. He needs the challenge and the opportunities of a larger world.

Islands can be a shelter, an escape, but this one is at that stage where it is accumulating what seems to be the worst of materialism, whilst clinging to the worst of its own traditions. No longer any shelter just the cacophony of modern living, but without the benefits, like efficiency.

I am clinging to the bits I love, like this beach, where I walk at sunrise any day I can make it. Trixy and I run, or paddle or stroll according to how we feel or what sights there are to see. We mainly have it to ourselves, or the people we come across are there for the calm and the peace before the day brings the sun worshippers, the windsurfers and the children. Although it seems immune to tourism to a large extent, so we should be grateful for small mercies.

We have a treasure trove of shells, sea weathered glass and bits of driftwood, which one day we will put to some use or other. Why do I speak in the plural? Is Trix going to help me in this LOL!?

It is a shared experience though. She loves the place as much as I do, and it’s often the best part of my day, and certainly of hers!

This morning the beach made me a little sad. There were the first signs of encroaching control and regimentation. Having said that, a recent attempt to prohibit nudism on the beach was thwarted, so it will remain outside of the norm for a while yet.

At a leisurely pace to walk the beach and back takes just a nice, round hour. Running you can do it twice at least, but my running is very feeble as yet……too much time spent at the computer I fear, both for work and for pleasure! Even at midday on a holiday there is still space. The water is a bit choppy here for tourists unaccumstomed to the ocean, so it keeps them away.

The concrete approaches. it is very close now, but I will go on walking there until it is time to leave.


Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

2 thoughts on “So, ok, here goes nothing

  1. Alas, you are not the only one to noticed the direction the island is taking with “the worst of materialism, whilst clinging to the worst of its own traditions” and, I think what is most sad about that is that they could look at the rest of the world, learn and avoid the same mistakes, but like most insular peoples, tend to be too self-absorbed to see it. On the other hand, I’ve recently returned to the UK (against my wishes and after 16 years in Tenerife) and find that benefits, like efficiency, are a mere memory and long gone from here now. In fact, what I feel about Britain is that it has only “the worst of materialism, whilst clinging to the worst of its own traditions.”

  2. The UK , of course, is an island too, and thus has the same tendencies, though maybe on a grander scale. Judging by the quality of Brits living here, overall (generalization is a bad thing, but ho hum), I have no doubts that things are even worse over there. You have my sympathy!

    Although I was born there I have no affiliation to it. I count myself these days more Spanish than English, if I have to put myself into a category, and then, probably more European than anything, and then again more Citizen of the World – to sound a bit pompous. My remarks are not intended as critique from outside. I feel for the island and what is happening, and it is so bloody obvious! I just do not understand why it is not possible to call a halt to all this concrete. There is much debate, but little action, it seems.

    I went to a debate in Santa Cruz in the Spring where one participant described himself as a coming from Tunisia, the US and Spain, and another from Morroco, France and Canada. I like that. I know not everyone aspires to move from their home towns, but awareness of outside is essential. This island is being strangled.

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