Exploring the Stories of the Islands and the Freedoms of Third Age

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My week has been unremarkable. Work was frustrating and uplifting by turns. Frustrating because I wanted to yell at so many customers “Get a Life”, and uplifting because of the great rap we have in the office.

Otherwise it has been teaching, which was rewarding, period. I came up to a brick wall with one pupil’s understanding of something, took a deep breath, dredged my imagination and came up with a way of explaining it which she understood. Yay!

And it has been studying, which seems to have gone well. I must submit the work today, so we will see!

I took the guys to basketball again, and was completely enthralled, yet again. We arrived late (frustrating day which included a**hole customers, my credit card getting deactivated, queues….that kind of day, nothing major), so the practice session was over and they got to play a game. Nail biting stuff! Yesterday the organization which arranges this, and other sporting activities for people with any sort of “disability” held their annual barbeque, and the boys were invited, and so I got to drive them and enjoy the barbie too. I got to know some of the people I have been watching these past few weeks, one of the girls has travelled quite widely with the Spanish womens’ team, and one of the guys plays at national level too. Only to add – what a stunningly super group of people, and their families. “My” boys noted afterwards how completely everyone was accepted, regardless of anything most people would regard as a disability. Me, I noted how people went out of their way to approach the boys and include them. They were the only black guys, so I guess they stood out, and everyone would have known how they arrived here. I guess if you are used to dealing with anything which is outside of the “norm” it makes you more ready to understand others.

The other remarkable thing about the day, for me, was that it was held somewhere I had never been before. If you live on an island generally you get to know it quite intimately, and most of it I do, but the tip of the island, above the capital city of Santa Cruz, I didn’t know at all, maybe two, or three, visits over the years. I have long known that this is, also, probably, the prettiest part of the island. The barbeque area was in what I would have described as “a dell” in my younger days…..a clearing in the trees, so we were surrounded and sheltered by tall, slim greenery. Beautiful setting. I must say in normal circumstances I would by far have prefered to be there at a more tranquil time, we were a noisy crowd, and I had also neglected to throw my walking shoes, or even sneakers into the car, so I couldn’t explore very far, but it is certainly noted for future visits. A few pix on flickr islandmommacanarias, it wasn’t really the sort of day for thinking too much about fotos, other than of the group.

Today I have been in a frenzy of activity. Cleaning, moving around furniture, putting up shelves and a new shower attachment in the bathroom (who knew that was so easy!), and sorting out a suitcase full of stuff I pushed in there when my dad came to stay (my way of tidying up!). I studied and I messed around here a bit, and now it’s time for a lovely shower and an early night.


Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

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