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La Lucha Canaria

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Tonight I went to la Lucha Canaria again – third time this season.  What I didn’t realize is just how important it was, being the last night of the season.  “My” team, i.e. the one for which our friend, Yamar, fights, didn’t do so well in the junior section in which he fights, but they took it right up to the last second in the adults section.  It was literally down to the last throw!!

The excitment is hard to describe.  We were early because we wanted to watch Yamar, and the juniors fight first, and it was pretty quiet, especially when the juniors were less than stellar, and I wondered if the two friends new to all this were bored.  However, soon as those chunky, big-thighed guys got stuck in the fun really started.  The audience which had seemed apathetic suddenly sprang to life.   There was much cheering, whistling, clapping and swearing, and something I never heard before (maybe cos of the construction of different buildings) much banging of the metal sheets used for advertising signs.  Carcophony doesn’t come close!  Impossible to talk, better just to clap, shout and stamp!  It would be hard to match this level of enthusiasm even at Old Trafford.

I was thinking about how kind of “pure” this is.  It’s amateur, and yet hugely popular, sponsored by different, local companies.  So, all these guys have other lives.  So is this their secret life, or is this their passion and their “other” lives are just needs-must?

Having said that much amateur dramatics were going on too.  Sulks, rows, tears, injuries which had you holding your breath – until the guy got up to fight again 2 mins later!

I suspect American friends would consider this a really redneck experience.  Much beer is consumed, and the young girls are all in their seductive finery, which seems a tad incongruous to the occasion.  We ate awful burgers, which tasted good, so smothered were they in onions and mustard, and drank coke.  But my god it is fun!


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