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The Full Moon

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Many years ago, after being in Tenerife for a while, it dawned on me how much closer to natural things I feel here than I did in England. This feeling is born, I think, partly out of the opportunity to be outdoors much more often, even to sit and read or eat, and partly because of the geology of the place. It is a volcanic island, with sharp, steep mountains and hills, there is almost no coastal plain. Drive upwards for ten minutes and you can think yourself in another place entirely, so removed are you from the coarseness and glitter of the tourist resorts.

Every now and then I see sights which take my breath away, and renew my faith in this planet which is our home: shooting stars, lunar eclipses, spectacular sunsets or sunrises, not to forget the ocean in all its moods.

This week there was something I’ve never witnessed before a moonset. I’ve witnessed awesome moon rises. I’ve rounded a bend in the road in the early nightime and there has been the moon, seeming to touch the earth, enormous and silvery golden. I’ve seen that same moon rising over jagged peaks, looking like it was designed especially by Hollywood for some movie. But a moonset – it was my first.

It was Wednesday, and Nina had already said she was still too ill to run, but I get up early anyway, so I took my coffee out onto my little balcony to see what was stiring. A light in the sky where there normally isn’t one was the first thing I noticed. Odd that it wasn’t moving in the way a plane normally does. Chopper? I wondered. Always bad news if it is hovering over the sea. I scanned the horizon, in other directions, as the first, bleak streaks of dawn began to illuminate the ocean, and then my eyes wandered back to the South West, where that light began to grow. It was then I realized that low, dark clouds were drifting away, and what I was watching was the moon, as it began to sink beneath the horizon.

As the clouds cleared I could see the full moon, glowing as the sun began to rise on the opposite horizon. It appeared almost red, as I stood, transfixed, even had I had a camera good enough to capture the sight I couldn’t have moved for fear of missing the scene. The world around me might have been standing still for all I knew. There certainly wasn’t anyone around, the ocean was at peace for once, just me and a warm breeze …and the moon!

In the absence of fotos I found this on the internet. There weren’t many pictures of this event out there, and this isn’t a full moon even, but it’s the nearest I can find to what I witnessed!

Maria – I was SO thinking about you! I have only a vague idea of what the time difference might be at the moment, but I was thinking about you standing on a beach somewhere, watching that same moon rising.


Author: IslandMomma

Exploring island life and the freedoms of Third Age: Challenging myself every day: writing, traveling, snapping pix, running & teaching ESL

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