Exploring the Stories of the Islands and the Freedoms of Third Age

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I’m a guest writer at the SpainScoop   contributing storie like this one  about the Canary Islands. I also contribute to the blog of  tour operator as a guest blogger with tidbits like this one.


I was interviewed by Craig and Caz of very successful YTravel Blog for their “Things to do in………” City Series. It gave me a lot of pleasure to answer their questions, because so few people appreciate that Tenerife has city life as well as beaches When I was in Ireland in 2013 I met the lovely Alison from Chino House. She has the most amazing personality and a great blog! A few months later she asked me to do an interview for her blog – I was honored! – this is it.

Posts for Other Blogs

“My Island in the Sun”  ….. the way I see Tenerife, the island away from the tourist resorts,  for the prestigious Beers & Beans “The Secret Road to Cheese” …….I love that title! To be honest that part was my friend, Katrina’s idea, the rest was mine. It’s a twist on a story I’d written about here….Katrina’s blog, TourAbsurd puts the emphasis, as she says, “traveling with a light heart,” so that’s the side of this wee adventure I tried to see. The Mysterious Outer Banks of NC  …… for The Quirky Traveller  My other favorite islands, hugging the coast of North Carolina, full of history, legends and tall stories – definitely quirky :=) The Downside of Island Dwelling   for Boomer Women Travelers  Life is always a trade off, and I explain why I’m glad my kids went off to find life in the big, wide world.

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